What in the name of Primus is an Orthrus anyway? And they say you can’t learn anything from Transformers. Sinnertwin!

Sinnertwin is definitely not a creature you want to meet in a darkened alley… or a lighted alley… or a wide-open meadow in the middle of a pleasant spring day. First, his name is Sinnertwin, considered by TFWiki to be the “most awesome name in Transformer history”, something I wholeheartedly agree with, which should be enough by itself to convince you to stay away from him. If that’s not enough however, he has two more reasons,

Though I have encountered more than my fair share of Greek Mythology (I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a bit of nerd), prior to Sinnertwin, I had never heard of Orthrus. I was aware that the multi-headed dog creature, Cereberus, guarded Hades and usually had three heads but occasionally was depicted as having two, one, or even fifty. However, I was unaware that Cereberus had a sibling, Orthrus (sometimes Orthus) who, unlike his brother, did not survive his encounter with Heracles.

Whether Sinnertwin is meant to be an Orthrus or a Cereberus is debatable.  His two heads leans more towards Orthrus, but his tech spec pretty clearly points to Cereberus,

“Prowls the perimeter of the Terrorcons’ lair looking for trouble — and hoping to find it!”

Whereas Cereberus guarded the gates of Hades, Orthrus was actually a glorified Sheepdog, slain while on duty guarding the giant Geryon’s herd of Red Cattle. That aside, I’m still going to stick with Orthrus. I’ve always held that Hesiod was drunk when he wrote “Theogeny”, no fifty headed Cereberus for me. He will forever have three heads in my book. So, Orthrus it is.

Maybe he'd be friendlier if Hagrid had raised him.

Quite a solid alt-mode, though he could definitely do with some more paint applications on the heads. As I type this, I’m contemplating a little bit of customization that might be in his future. As a robot, he shares Rippersnapper’s drawback. What would otherwise be a very good robot mode is spoiled by his T-Rex arms.

At this point I'm inclined to believe all of the Terrorcon's bad attitudes stem from their tiny robot arms.

Also, like my previous Rippersnapper, my Sinnertwin can be counted amongst the casualties of time. The tab at the base of his alt-mode neck, where it pivots back to reveal his robot head, was very, very tight and the hinge piece itself cracked. Thanks to the judicious placement of his screws, I was able to remove it, seal the crack with superglue, and reattach it. 

Sinnertwin, following in the proud tradition of the Terrorcons, is quite a few gears short of a functioning brain module. As the opening line of his tech spec details, he actively pursues trouble at ever available instance. Granted, that’s a pretty stock characteristic for evil henchmen so Sinnertwin ups the ante, or rather, ups the crazy by being “Unnerved by small creatures.” His entry from Dreamwave’s “More Than Meets The Eye” series elaborates on this by stating that, more than “unnerved”, he is in fact “deathly afraid of small creatures” including mice and Micromasters. So, if you do encounter him in a darkened alley, just grab the closest alley rat.

The rat's certainly going to have a better disposition.

Next up: Don’t tell me that’s a hawk. I don’t care what you say, he is clearly a chicken-monster. Cutthroat!


2 thoughts on “What in the name of Primus is an Orthrus anyway? And they say you can’t learn anything from Transformers. Sinnertwin!

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