Don’t tell me that’s a hawk. I don’t care what you say, he is clearly a chicken-monster. Cutthroat!

This is how Cutthroat’s alt-mode head is depicted in the cartoon.

Anyone who grew up with that as their point of reference might be forgiven for thinking this particular Terrorcon transforms into a “hawk monster thing“. 

Sorry to disappoint the members of the “Cutthroat is the bestest” Club but this is the reality,

Granted he’s still a “monster thing”, but let’s stop trying to fool ourselves. That is a chicken head. Cutthroat, one of the most vicious, barbaric Decepticons, transforms into a vicious, barbaric chicken monster. He even has a cockscomb, in the form of the crest protruding from his head.

Bring Me the head of Colonel Sanders.

Continuing the Terrorcon trend of odd, monstrous alt-modes combined with psychotic tendencies, this gallinaceous Decepticon is definitely not going to end up on the KFC menu. This is one galliform that pecks back, from his tech spec:

“In battle, lashes out with wings, beak, and claws to cut everything to ribbons.”

His toy is actually admirably posable due to both the positioning of the wings on the hinges that swing out his arms as well as the pivot on his neck that folds his alt-mode head into his chest in robot mode. Of course, all this posability disappears once he is transformed. On Cutthroat, the standard issue Terrorcon “T-Rex” arms not only can’t reach past his chest, they also can’t pivot past 90 degrees thanks to the fact that the sides of his chest protrude too far.

The protruding pieces, that exist ostensibly to hide the robot arms when they are tucked in for alt-mode, also prevent him from holding his weapon in his hand unless his hand is in one of two positions, 90 degrees or straight down.

And when held in the down position, the gun has to be turned slightly out to keep from hitting his alt-mode leg.

I call this Yoga position "Slightly Reclining Chicken".

Another oddity about his robot mode is that, as long as his legs are not clicked into their alt-mode position, they can pivot back roughly 45 degrees. There doesn’t appear to be any use for this in robot mode, and, as mentioned, he can’t pivot them back if they are locked into position for alt-mode. I suspect, due to the angle of the pivot in relation to the side his connector is on, this would provide a tiny bit of elbow articulation when he is used as an arm for Abominus. This guy is just chock-full of pivots and hinges. One of the coolest is that his gun itself has a hinge which allows it, when connected in alt-mode, to form a sort of tail for the chicken monster or pivot forward to be used as a forward-facing weapon in alt-mode. Though, with his propensity for bloodlust, I can’t imagine his gun gets much use.

Brings a whole new level of disturbing to the term “cockfight”.

Up next: The oozing, reeking, “most disgusting of all Transformers”. Bring your noseplugs for tomorrow’s post. Blot!


2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me that’s a hawk. I don’t care what you say, he is clearly a chicken-monster. Cutthroat!

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