What do you get when you combine a gluttonous dragon, a sadistic orthrus, a malodorous ape, a barbaric chicken, and a salamander with an inferiority complex? Abominus!

Abominus is a creature made of four psychotics and a military strategist with a penchant for violence.

Normally it would be difficult to keep a group like that in the same room, let alone physically combined into one tumultuous behemoth of aggressive, terrifying, amoral, literally bestial abandon.  Having a commander that will, quite literally, eat you for disobeying goes a long way towards ensuring some rudimentary subservience.

Abominus is a “Scramble City ” style Combiner. The name stems from the Japanese Scramble City: Mobilization. Though ending in a cliffhanger, this one-episode cartoon stars the new Combiners in an attempt to highlight the fact that, unlike Devastator, these Combiners were formed by one larger Transformer serving as the torso and four smaller Transformers that could serve as any limb. However, this can lead to some oddly shaped combinations. In the Terrorcons’ case, it is the fact that Blot alone has an inconsistent width and visually only really works as an arm.  

Does this combination make my calf look big?

There are what are known as “nominal” combinations, usually the version included in the instructions and boxart for the Combiner. However, Abominus has two thanks to a slight difference between his instructions and boxart. In the boxart Sinnertwin serves as the right leg, Cutthroat as the left. In at least one of the instructions images, they are reversed. 

Thanks to my fascination with Transformers with odd alt-modes, he is the first G1 Combiner I have completed as a collector — well, mostly completed. I am honestly not sure if I will do it again. Unfortunately for everyone out there selling original G1 combiners on EBay, a company in China is making knock-offs of the combiner giftsets that are of ridiculously good quality. Both my Protectobots and my Stunticons come from this company and their absolutely mint condition and 100% complete-ness bring me great joy. 

So, despite the fact that I’m sure someone will make a high-quality knock-off of the Abominus giftset one day, I am quite proud of Abominus in collection. There’s been some bumps, the tale of horror that was Rippersnapper’s decapitation and the subsequent damage done to Hun-Gurrr’s left arm in the attempt to extract Rippersnapper’s head. Also, he’s mostly completed because, as I’m sure the more hardcore Transfans have already noticed in the images above and below, though he has fists, those are not his feet. I actually stole the feet from my Wal*Mart exclusive “Urban Camo” Ruination (thanks for having purple feet Ruination!). I am still considering some minor paint application touch-ups and I might just break down and order my first ever Reprolabels to replace the aging stickers (have I mentioned how much I hate stickers?) ‘Til then, Abominus takes his place proudly amongst the combiners.

Graaaaaaaaargh! Forget Unicron versus the Death Star, I want to know who would win in a fight between Abominus and Godzilla.


8 thoughts on “What do you get when you combine a gluttonous dragon, a sadistic orthrus, a malodorous ape, a barbaric chicken, and a salamander with an inferiority complex? Abominus!

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  2. How big are the G1 combiners, by the way?
    I always got the impression that the limbs were legends size, and the torso would be deluxe size.

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