Omnomnonom. Two heads means twice as many places to put food. Hun-Gurrr (or Hun-Grr, or Hun-Garr, or Hun-Grrr)!

Transformers love nothing more than to take their names as literally as possible, and Hun-Gurrr is the poster boy for this. To him, his two-headed dragon alt-mode means twice as many mouths to stuff food — “food” being anything metal or energy-based — into. He is insatiable. However, he is also a Terrorcon, leader of the Terrorcons in fact, so he has another love: wanton, violent, and excessive destruction. His tech spec elaborates on his definition of food:

“Since his mouth is usually full, his orders are usually misinterpreted. Prefers eating non-living to living things… doesn’t like anything that might still be wriggling about after he swallows it.”

Grrrrrr!! (x2)!!

His alt-mode is actually highly posable by G1 standards and unlike his followers, there is no doubts as to what he is meant to be. Recently, the bio for Shattered Glass Hun-Gurrr even put a name to the type of two-headed dragon, an “Algean Two-Headed Razor Beast”. Assuming there’s an Algea in our dimension as well, it’s reasonable to conceive that this is the same beast our dimension’s Hun-Gurrr scanned his alt-mode from. Weapon-wise in alt-mode, as far as I know he has the first ever weaponized spit-ball power in Transformers. He is able to take those materials he consumes and spit them back out as “crude missles”. 

Ptoo Ptow!

All gluttonous idiosyncracies aside,  I’m relatively sure that Hun-Gurrr got his job as leader by the fact that he appears to be the most mentally well adjusted Terrorcon. He’s even considered to be a skilled military strategist.

I'm hungry, who's for a sandwich?

All of the Scramble City leaders have an official third mode that is defined as a “Base” mode. Most of them make sense, but Hun-Gurrr’s official “Base” mode has been best described as… well, you can come to your own conclusion,

All Ice Cream dispensor modes, aside, his robot mode is pretty posable with actual elbows and knees. He can also mount the chestpiece from Abominus on his arm as a shield.

You feelin' hungry... er, lucky, punk?

Given the dispositions (and alt-modes) of his troops, I’ll bet he uses the comman “HEEL!” a whole heck of a lot.


2 thoughts on “Omnomnonom. Two heads means twice as many places to put food. Hun-Gurrr (or Hun-Grr, or Hun-Garr, or Hun-Grrr)!

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