If two heads are better than one, how about four? The Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron!

We’ve spent a week looking at five fearsome monsters each with their own Spark, that combine into one amalgamated juggernaut of terror. Now we switch gears to a single fearsome robot, himself an amalgamation of three monsters all sharing one Mitotic Spark. He is the Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron and he takes his title very, very seriously.

In February of 1999, whilst America was in the midst of Season Three of Beast Wars being introduced to a second iteration of Transmetal Transformers, Japan saw the launch of its second Beast Wars follow-up series, Beast Wars Neo. By this point I had discovered the joy that were the all-new molds being used for the Japanese Beast Wars leaders, Lio Convoy and Galvatron from Beast Wars II and now we had Big Convoy and Magmatron from Beast Wars Neo. I had already put out some pretty good money to import Lio Convoy and Big Convoy, so I was over-joyed when, in 2000, Hasbro announced a Target-exclusive American release of Magmatron as part of the Beast Machines Dinobots line.

In Beast Wars Neo, Magmatron was introduced as your usual ruthless leader of your usual ruthless band of power-hungry bad-guys. However, something he did very much out of the usual vein was his transformation. Transformers had done a single robot form from two alt-modes all the way back in Generation 1 with the Duocons — pretty decently too, I recently acquired the Duocon Flywheels for my collection. The Emporer of Destruction was not to be outdone, this marked the first time a single robot Transformed into three alt-modes, as well as a single, combined alt-mode (but the less said about that the better… ok, fine, I’ll show you that as well.) The mitotic nature of his spark is represented in the toy by Spark crystals, three, one per alt-mode.

Starting from the top, we have Skysaur, the Quetzalcoatlus,

Forming the head, its red colouration and large wingspan give Magmatron a decidedly devilish appearance. Next, we have Seasaur, the Elasmosaurus, who forms the torso and arms,

Its entire underside becomes a shield for Magmatron’s robot mode. The upper arms use a dark grey that is repeated in the robotic feet portions on Landsaur. The left shoulder also has a molded spaulder the colour of the yellow on Skysaur, further tying the combined form together. Lastly we have Landsaur, the Giganotosaurus, forming the right shoulder and legs,

The piece that become the chest has some nice molded details that look like the Skysaur’s arms clutching at the chest and the chest itself is coloured the same lighter blue as Seasaur. Unfortunately, this piece simply reverses to become Landsaur’s chest, leaving all of the molded detail and different colours to be displayed. Also, the robot feet pieces pretty much hang off the back of Landsaur’s legs, making this easily the least convincing of the three dinosaur alt-modes.

Landsaur’s mouth opens to reveal a missle launcher that can fire any of the five missles that are hidden throughout Magmatron’s form, two in the shield piece, two on the underside of Skysaur’s wings, and a serrated blade missle that stores in Landsaur’s tail.

The launcher housed in Landsaur’s throat is then removed during transformation to serve as either a gun or, by inserting the blade missle, a sword.

Actually lastly — because you demanded it — there is also an exceptionally unconvincing combined alt-mode. An odd, two-headed Chimera of sorts,

GAH! This is a thing that should not happen.


3 thoughts on “If two heads are better than one, how about four? The Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron!

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  3. I just recently managed to acquire the Beast Machine version of Magmatron myself and was surprise to discover he wasn’t a reverse-combiner (like Tidal Wave) at all. In fact, technically, he’s not even a transformer! He has three separate alt-modes, but they don’t transform into anything, instead they combine, twice! Once as tri-fuzor and then again as a giant robot. But (again unlike Tidal Wave) the tri-fuzor does not transform into the robot mode, it has to uncombine and then recombine into a new configuration. Very unusual and not really like the Duocons at all, who do at least transform when combined into a single vehicle. I don’t think there is any other “transformer” quite like Magmatron.

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