If by “tomahawk” you mean missles and machineguns, sure. Tomahawk!

Tomahawk. I’ll admit it, I don’t understand his name. The only two things I can come up with on my own are:

Hasbro has never been shy about reusing names between Transformers and G.I. Joe and there was a G.I. Joe Helicopter called the “Tomahawk”. Part Chinook, part MH-53, I remember even as a kid thinking this thing was obnoxiously armed for what is nominally a lift vehicle.

Then there’s the actual, real-world “Tomahawk”, the H-2, a gunship modification of the SH-2 Seasprite.

However, neither of these even vaguely resembles the hyper-futuristic attack chopper that Tomahawk transforms into.

I just realized his tail is not properly transformed in this shot. Something I will have to update.

Granted, this could hardly be considered Hasbro’s first vaguely nonsensical naming of a Transformer, Side Burn anyone?

Wait, did I just show up in this post to be the butt of a joke?

So, move past his name and what do we have? One seriously awesome toy.

Upon receiving two boxes from HasbroToyShop.com containing the following haul,

I asked opinions on which should be opened first. I always like to space them out so I get to enjoy each toy individually, rather than a huge blur of plastic and paint. The overwhelming (as in 100%) response was Tomahawk. I can see why. His alt mode is very detailed and wonderfully compact with little to no obviously robotic pieces hanging from it. He is a proper attack helicopter with plenty of weaponry. He even has a swiveling nose turret,

As great as his helicopter alt-mode is, though, I absolutely love his robot mode. His headsculpt is great. It is fashioned after a helicopter pilot’s helmet, complete with visor.

Impressively articulated, his leg transformation gives him proper knees as well as articulated feet. Speaking of feet, his clearly harken back to a fellow helicopter Transformer, Movie Blackout. He is also able to bring all of his wing-mounted weaponry to bear on any unfortunate Decepticon.

Then, when he closes with said unfortunate Decepticon, assuming they survived the initial barrage, he can do serious amounts of damage with the blade, formed by his alt-mode’s tailfins, attached to his right hand.

The closest this toy comes to the word "tomahawk".

Speaking of weaponry, Tomahawk also features the rungs necessary to use the new clip-based interchangeable weaponry.   

Tomahawk Heavy Arms configuration courtesy of Straxus and Breacher.

Looks like Tomahawk is ready to “bring the rain”. Epps would be so proud.


2 thoughts on “If by “tomahawk” you mean missles and machineguns, sure. Tomahawk!

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