One shall stand… Orion Pax would like to axe you a question. War for Cybertron Optimus Prime!

Of my toy display, no single character garners as much room as Optimus. Roughly three shelves are nothing but the many faces of Optimus Prime. He is the one complete constant across every series. He is always awe-inspiring in his nobility and willingness to sacrifice himself for others. The War for Cybertron and Exodus attempt to portray him before he became the iconic Heroic Autobot Leader™, when he was a humble, yet mildly disgruntled Data Clerk. My only question? What the heck have they been feeding those Data Clerks? If they all look like Optimus– er, Orion Pax then the Hall of Records must have looked like the Cybertronian Linebackers at desks.

So far, the Autobots are winning 2 to 0 on dead-to-rights videogame character to toy accuracy. Optimus is the spitting image of his appearance in War for Cybertron, with a much lighter coloured red paint used for the glowing highlights in the game. Here, just as with War for Cybertron Soundwave my only complaint with the character is the lack of a very specific accessory. Optimus’ glowing reddish orange axe appears prominently in the videogame and it’s a shame that he has to do without. That’s when I noticed I had two of a certain minicon that came as part of the Power Core Combiners line, Chopster. Though he’s supposed to be a Decepticon, Chopster’s translucent orange (and the fact that I have two of him) means he gets the honor of serving as Optimus’ axe.

Another part of the videogame to toy accuracy is that Optimus has a symbol on his back that resembles a face, very similar to but not quite the Autobot symbol.

Optimus still has his iconic (there’s that word again…) Semi Truck alt-mode, but being pre-Earth, it is now decidedly not for carrying humans around.

His transformation puts Bumblebee’s level of complexity to shame and even had many a hardcore Transfan admitting to having to resort to instructions to complete. I was proud to say that I didn’t, until I found at least two pieces that I hadn’t actually transformed correctly while writing this post. His weapon folds and stores, or can be attached in alt-mode to provide an “Attack Mode”.

All-in-all this is one of my favourite Optimus Prime molds. Optimus Prime is the one character that is consistently amazing, Hasbro knows that Bumblebee may be the face of the brand these days, but Optimus is, and will always be, its heart.

Up next: Optimus may have tipped the odds in the Autobot’s favour, but something tells me a very dark cloud is about to descend on the battlefield.


2 thoughts on “One shall stand… Orion Pax would like to axe you a question. War for Cybertron Optimus Prime!

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