Cybertron shall fall… The dark side of nobility. War for Cybertron Megatron!

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As if in an attempt to provide everlasting proof of this maxim, the nameless mine worker turned gladiator who would be known as: D-16, a clever play on G1 Megatron’s toy’s designation in the Japanese toy numbering system; then Megatronus, as he renamed himself after one of the original 13 Primes; and finally Megatron, as the crowd renamed him in their fervor, started his quest for power with a noble goal.

Cybertron had long stagnated under a caste-based system, a system that stagnated and yet survived for the same reason. Inevitably, a caste system truly only benefits the people in the highest echelons. As long as those in charge are reaping the greatest rewards and the subjugated believe themselves powerless, the system will persist. Though there were many that disagreed with it, it was Megatron that finally stood up to the powers that be. As happened with countless successful revolutions over time, Megatron’s victories brought him power. As happened with countless rises to power, that power itself twisted the purpose of the revolution.

This is Transformers and we don’t like our lessons to be subtle or inferred. In every version of this universe, our lessons come in the form of brobdingnagian, planet-eating, universal anomalies like Unicron. Megatron turns to Dark Energon, energy corrupted by the very essence of Unicron, to win the war. His stated goal, virtually undisputed control of Cybertron, is achieved but what he is left in control of is a mostly lifeless husk. Generally undisputed because the Autobots have fled the planet altogether. This moment, however, reveals just how far Megatron’s aspirations have fallen. Rather than be sated by his dominion over the planet he has ruined, he piles a portion of his forces onto a ship and pursues. That’s how we end Exodus and hopefully how we will begin Transformers: Prime at the end of this month.

War for Cybertron Megatron rivals Optimus for game-to-toy accuracy, including the close-but-not-quite faction symbol molded into the toy’s back.

Inspirations for this incarnation of Megatron can be seen throughout the toys of Megatrons of the recent past. Two in particular stand out, the head design of Classics Megatron and the overall body design of Animated Megatron.

So much detailing has been worked into the toy, it really is great. No matter the many inspirations though, his massive, arm-mounted fusion cannon leaves you with no doubts who you are looking at.

His alt-mode, a Cybertronian tank, looks sleek, yet very dangerous.

Oddly enough, the one extra level of detail that seems highly superfluous to me are his tank treads. Overall it’s a bit of complaint I have more with the three other War for Cybertron toys than with this one: wheels. In the game, and rightfully so, all of the ground based alt-modes glide along rather than rolling on wheels. Megatron’s toy, unlike the other three, has an official entry in the instructions to describe this “Hover Mode”, but I would have been just as happy had they simply left off the treads altogether.

Though the War for Cybertron is over, for now, the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on.

We have what has been called the continuation of this story coming later this month, with the five part beginning of Transformers: Prime and a recent announcement that the War for Cybertron videogame will also receive a sequel in 2012. Presumably, Transformers: Prime will receive a much closer editorial hand than the novel received, I am still a little angry that Alex Irvine’s Exodus was so ridiculous with contradictions and outright errors. Granted, it was no Hardwired by Scott Ciencin, *shudder* now that was some horribly written and badly edited fiction, but I still want to expect more from Hasbro. Of course, my expectations in this regard have been pretty low, after all, this is the company that allowed:

Just in case this wasn’t disturbing enough, did I mention these are in Men’s, not Boy’s, size? Look for them at a major retailer near you, seriously, these can be found at Target.


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