This is NOT your father’s Combiners. Double Clutch and the Rallybots!

So, I’m cheating this week… sort of… but not really. I set out to do one combiner a month, during the last week of each month. This week, however, I’m sticking to the letter, if not the spirit of that idea. I really meant it as five (or in Devastator’s case, six) days of the individual bots, and then the last day of the week would be the combined form. I can’t really do that with the newest line of Combiners, the Power Core Combiners. Hasbro’s take on combining this time is you have a central robot, the Power Core Commander, and then you have four limbs, drones with neither autonomy nor robot modes. As a kid I would have absolutely flipped out on how awesome this play pattern is. Sold in 2-packs with a Commander and a Minicon, or sold in 5-packs with a Commander and four drones, all combining points are universal and all Commanders have a third “torso” mode. This means any Commander, 2- or 5-pack, can combine with any combination of legs and arms. Additionally, the drones all have “Auto-Morph”. The act of connecting them to a Commander makes them automatically transform into a limb. Understandably, this means that a drone can either be a leg or an arm, not both. So, since each Power Core Combiner only comprises one post worth of robot, this week, I will be bringing you my two favourites of the 5-packs that have been released so far: Double Clutch and the Rallybots; and Bombshock and the Combaticons.

Go forth and attack! While I stand back here and look all Commander-ly.

Double Clutch is my favourite of the Autobots released so far. He doesn’t go in for the quiet, sneaky approach. Following in the footsteps of his G2 Namesake he is a specialist in speed and obfuscation. His four drones are loud, speedy, and contain electronic countermeasures to screw with Decepticon sensors. Imagine going into battle against a dizzying, sensor-baffling, stunt-driving mess of cars, and when they finally stop moving, it’s to combine into a large robot that then pummels you into the dirt before you have a chance to reboot your senses.

I read of many reports of his first run having a number of problems. Loose combined-mode head and elbow joints, and poorly designed pegs. Later releases of Double Clutch apparently addressed these issues, leading me to believe that mine must be one of these later releases. I have never had any issues with Double Clutch himself. My only complaints are aesthetic and lie with the arm drones. They lack a defined hand. Actually, come to think of it, that seems to be a very common problem with combiners in recent history — the Energon combiners were really, really bad about this.

Okay the left looks halfway decent, but the right... that's just tailpipes, come on.

Also, they lack any elbow, which greatly hinders poseability. Double Clutch’s alt-mode is a cool muscle car of vaguely indeterminate model. Not much else to say about it than that. The Commanders are all a little larger than the Scout class, not quite a deluxe, which is why the 2-packs exist as a Commander and a Minicon. 

Up next: Why race around things when you can just blow stuff up? Bombshock and the Combaticons!


2 thoughts on “This is NOT your father’s Combiners. Double Clutch and the Rallybots!

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