Well, he’s certainly no angel. Megatronus, The Fallen!

In the beginning Primus created them… or maybe it was the Allspark. And there were 13… or 7.

And one betrayed them… or they all betrayed each other… and one of them became Unicron’s herald… or maybe he didn’t, maybe he just wanted power.

And he killed his 12 or 6 brothers… or maybe all but one… and he was locked away in another dimension… or it was the Seal of Primus… or maybe he just fell asleep.

See, here’s the problem with moving into the realm of Transformers God- or Demigodhood. You become what is known as a Multiversal Singularity and exist across so many dimensions, you inevitably contradict yourself. Singularities are entities that either exist all at once across all dimensions, such as the Transformer’s creator and god, Primus; or they exist once and inhabit only one dimension at a time but have the ability to flit between dimensions the way a person changes channels on a T.V. To date, Hasbro has identified at least sixteen such Multiversal Singularities: Primus; his evil twin, Unicron; the life-giving supercomputer, Vector Sigma; and the original thirteen Transformers.

The original thirteen were the Primes and they all served a function. Amongst them was the “Overseer of Entropy”, basically the guy in charge of making sure stuff broke into chaos, basically the Transformers equivalent of the Hindu deity, Shiva. Oh, no, I can’t possibly forsee any problems with putting one immensely powerful entity in charge of the very nature of chaos itself. Much like some interpretations of Shiva, Megatronus was to shepherd destruction as a preparation for creation, but he grew too fond of the concept of destruction for the sake of destruction. He sided with the Dark God, the Chaos Bringer himself, Unicron. For this, Primus banished them both by chucking them into a black hole. For a God, Unicron sure falls in a lot of black holes these days.

The above story now serves as the prelude to a comic book series called “Transformers, The War Within: The Dark Ages” produced when Dreamwave had the Transformers license. The worst comic book artist to ever hold the Transformer’s license, Dreamwave president and head swindler, Pat Lee, did one thing of note in this mini-series. Mr. Lee’s single contribution was the design of the lead bad-guy, a new character called, The Fallen. Granted, Mr. Lee’s normal style of “Transformers with Elephantitis” was prevalent and the concept came out looking bloated and bent.

I couldn't straighten my legs if I wanted to.

Luckily by the time The Fallen made his appearance within the pages of the comic book itself — sadly Pat Lee continued to do covers for the series — he had laid off the steroid use and was replaced by an imposing figure, perpetually aflame, with a furnace for a heart. Fiction has since given a reason for his constant state of conflagration but, per the writer of War Within, Simon Furman, the original reason was “because it looks cool.” (Another reason we love Simon Furman.)

Everything is more awesome with fire.

And this, along with the entire bankrupted and dissolved company of Dreamwave would have been merely history in the Transformers archives, had someone at Hasbro not decided that this character deserved a toy. In 2007 the Transformers toy line, the Titanium Series, had already seen releases of other War Within designs. In wave 6 we received the first ever toy incarnation of The Fallen (now just called “Fallen”). He was actually based mostly on the Don Figueroa design used for Pre-earth Megatron in the Stormbringer mini-series,

Ironically, The Fallen got a cool toy made from this design, while Megatron got back-to-back horrible Titanium Series toys.

The Fallen’s toy would change the head and add some flames.

I told you, everything is more awesome with fire.

The Titanium Series was a collector’s series, made partially out of diecast metal. This meant great little details were added. Look closely at his arms, legs, and chest to see stress marks and chips that can accumulate over the eons. They were also packaged with a display stand emblazoned with the figure’s name and faction symbol. Now, Hasbro is a company that understands the importance of branding, putting Autobot and Decepticon symbols on characters that are neither but that happen to be evil or good characters, e.g. the “Decepticon” Animated Lockdown. Surprisingly for The Fallen they eschewed the use of the Decepticon symbol. The Fallen actually has his own head, set ablaze, as his faction symbol on both his base and the side of his alt-mode.

Though never shown to actually transform in any incarnation in any media so far, that wouldn’t sell too many toys, so The War Within The Fallen transforms into a tank.

Not too shabby, but as demigods go, not too impressive. Now maybe you can see why he sticks to robot mode.

The War Within incarnation of The Fallen was stricken down by the hand of god himself. While trying to revive Unicron, Primus… well, he pointed angrily at The Fallen and The Fallen dissolved into energy. Oh, how the mighty have Fallen, once again.

Up next: A new story, a new weight loss regime, and a new colourful wardrobe, but the same old The Fallen.


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