The fall, and the return, and the return, and the return… and the fall. RotF The Fallen!

Where did we leave off? Oh, yes, The Fallen was pointed at angrily by Primus and — to quote the TFWiki: “somehow sets himself more on fire.”

And I quote: "Puh-ri--muu--fhhh--eeeeuerr--"

Sealed back into the Seal of Primus by the hand of Primus himself, The Fallen, once again, had fallen. But you can’t keep a good Multiversal Singularity down so he was bound to return and return he did, this time in the Movie Universe, and specifically as the subject of the second movie, Revenge of The Fallen. Out of the two we have received, War Within and Movie, this is easily my favourite. I am far less impressed by War Within’s rather bland “Really Big Blocky” robot than I am with the emaciated, otherworldly look of the movie’s version of the super-powered demigod. The toys capture the spirit of this menacing creature, and the newest toy adds even more detail to the impressive rendition.

I distinctly remember the announcement of this version of The Fallen. I laughed. I already had the original release and not only was he detailed enough for my tastes, he was the correct colouring as well. I had already skipped one other version, the Target exclusive orange repaint, but it was seeing this new one in person at Botcon 2010 that changed my mind (and it wasn’t just the OCD kicking in and telling me I just had to have him because of his new accessory, the “Command Staff” he brandished in the movie). I’ll save the best for last, though, you can see the real reason I just had to have this more movie-accurate version at the bottom of this post. Well, once the decision was made to get this one, I really needed to go back and find the one I was missing, the Target exclusive I had initally passed up. Turns out passing him up was the right decision because I managed to get him rather quickly for half the price I would have paid originally in Target. The three of them make a very nice display piece together, a kind of fire and ice dichotomy.

The Fallen, now in Blueberry, Creamsicle, and Blackened Cajun flavour.

Go ahead, click on the picture above and just look at the ridiculous amounts of details Hasbro’s designers put into these figures, I’ll wait.

You back? Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s that time of the post that I write “the one thing I don’t like…”.

The one thing I don’t like about these three is that branding has moved from a guiding principle to the first and foremost commandment for Hasbro. Therefore, this incarnation of The Fallen is depicted as the “First Decepticon”, thereby allowing the toys to be marked with that oh-so-familiar Decepticon faction symbol. Though they don’t detract from the figure visually, in both versions, they are almost an afterthought, it irks me — fictionally speaking. (Can you be fictionally irked?) One of the original Thirteen Primes (oh yeah, this incarnation added that the original thirteen Transformers were the original thirteen Primes) shouldn’t really need to marginalize himself like that. I guess I just like my demigods a little more… detached. Following in the “just there because you people wouldn’t by a Transformer with no alt-mode” (which I don’t actually mind), The Fallen’s alt-mode is a “Cybertronian Destroyer”.

Speaking of the “The original thirteen Primes” connection, this The Fallen can only be destroyed by one thing, a Prime. Unfortunately for the Autobots, their’s was just K.I.A., but luckily for them — in a wonderful homage to the Marvel Comics continuity plotline involving Buster Witwicky being the temporary vessel for the Matrix — their human companion is able to recreate the disintegrated Matrix and bring Optimus Prime back to life, just in time for him to… Now, different universes means different personalities for some, right? It just so happens that the Optimus Prime in this universe had already proven himself to be a warrior capable of shanking the ever-loving heck out Decepticons. This made it somewhat less surprising when Optimus said, “Give me your face”, ripped The Fallen’s face off, impaled him, and then forcibly removed, and crushed, The Fallen’s spark core.

Yes, as you can see, what Hasbro added to this version of The Fallen is probably the most humiliating. You can actually remove The Fallen’s face, uncovering the mechanics below.

Ugly, ain't he?

 No, here’s what Revenge of The Fallen didn’t show you: what did Optimus do with The Fallen’s face once he removed it? In true psycho-style he wore it like he was Hannibal Lector.

"Booga Booga Booga. Hahaha. ...Laugh or I'll take your face next."*

* Now imagine that said in Peter Cullen’s voice.


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