Apparently it’s not just merman that use tridents. HftD Terradive!

Beast Wars showed us that Transformers don’t necessarily show up on Earth, scan an alt-mode, and continue to use their own names. Along with changing their forms, they will often change their names to fit those new forms. This explains how a robot from the future shows up, scans a local life form that will eventually be called a “Cheetah”, and instantly has the name “Cheetor” to match. 

So, imagine this: a robot shows up on modern earth, only this one isn’t some nice, kitty-cat scanning Maximal, this is an evil, tail-piping kicking Decepticon. He wants a name that invokes fear and respect by summarizing his prowess in battle. Scanning the local language he settles upon a single word, a word that he translates from Cybertronian as “The death that falls on you from the sky”.

He is now the evil Terradive! Wait… what? What does that even mean? Last time I checked, when a jet performed a “dive” directly at “terra” it was most often accompanied by a “crashing violently into said terra”. Apparently the glitch in the translation process is persistent too, as he is actually the fourth distinct ‘bot to name himself this. A Decepticon, a Mini-con, and an Autobot have all previously named themselves this nonsense name. Of course, we humans can’t smirk too much, after all, this direct translation from one language to another without regard for inferred meaning is how we end up with the youth of Japan running around in shirts like:

Well, remind me never to take my dreams outside without sunglasses on.

But, I digress. Putting aside his choice in names, Terradive is an awesome toy, with exceptional articulation and the guts to set aside all those fancy guns and missile launchers, choosing instead to get relatively up-close and personal with a transforming spear/trident weapon.

A more elegant weapon for a less civilized 'bot.

Hasbro has done a great job on the headsculpt again, and though some have stated that they think he bears an uncanny resemblance to Rattrap, I notice a closer to resemblance to a couple other robots. Terrradive has joined the rather exclusive “Conquistador Helmeted Robots” club.

We come bearing gifts, like Smallpox, now take us to your fountain of youth.

Terradive’s alt-mode is a jet with a forward-swept wing design mixed with two smaller back-swept wings near the cockpit, reminiscent of the Su-47 Berkut, though this “Golden Eagle” is less golden and more creamsicle coloured. 

True to Hasbro’s apparent mandate, Terradive’s polearm stores, in spear form, in his alt-mode by being attached underneath.

Overall, a great addition to the collection with amazing articulation and some truly ingenious transformation tricks. One of my favourites has to be that his wings pull free from the main part of the body and attach to the legs, but rather than simply leave them at an awkward angle, like some (I’m looking at you, RotF Dirge), they are both double-hinged and on a double-swivel, to allow them to rotate down and then lay flat against his lower leg.

This frees up leg articulation considerably.

I like to do some meditation before going out and terra... diving. You know what? Screw you, it sounded scary at the time.


6 thoughts on “Apparently it’s not just merman that use tridents. HftD Terradive!

    • You’re definitely right that it may not make for a very good weapon in a battle against cannon-wielding Autobots, but it definitely makes for a more interesting weapon as a display piece.

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