This psycho kitty is certainly no LOLCat. Rampage!

I can has the end of your life?

You know those cute little kittens and cats, with their cute little disregard for grammar, punctuation, and spelling? You’ve seen them on sites like “I can has cheezburger“, being adorable, irreverent, and displaying the attention span of goldfish. Well, imagine that with a whole lot less cute and a whole lot more murderous rage. Now imagine that  kitten is actually a colossal robotic tiger with serious anger management issues and an innate need to constantly be a blur of chaotic, destructive, virtually unstoppable, almost palpable fury.

Though, come to think of it, he is kinda cute, isn't it?

Luckily for his fellow Decepticons, who are sometimes just as prone to be the unfortunate target of his furious outbursts as the Autobots, there is one thing that calms this savage beast. Television. Especially when staring “at rock music videos for hours” (direct quote from his tech spec. Hey, it was the 80’s what did you expect?) So, while Rampage doesn’t bring any more intelligence to their combined form than Headstrong, what he does bring compensates amply for one of Headstrong’s biggest weaknesses. While Headstrong is strong and steady, Rampage is strong and lightning fast.

His tech spec states that he, when in his tiger alt-mode, “can leap 300ft. in height, 500ft. in length. A kick from his foreleg can crumble a cinder block.” Granted, for a giant metal construct, crumbling a single cinder block isn’t the most impressive feat of strength, but you get the picture. Due to the nature of his alt-mode’s head transformation, he actually has a bit of articulation there, allowing him to pivot up and around pretty well. He also has a hinged lower jaw to allow him to bare his teeth. He can also attach his guns to his alt-mode’s forequarter shoulders in an “attack mode”, though this seems highly superfluous, given his tendency to claw and bite things into little pieces.

You realize I don't actually need these to kill you, right?

 Sadly, the articulation on his alt-mode stops at the head. However, thanks to the way his legs transform — pivoting forward and then folding back on themselves — his robot mode actually has hip and knee hinges, displaying what was, for a G1 toy from 1986, rather impressive articulation.

Beyond that, there’s not much else to say about his robot mode. Just like the rest of the reissued Predacons, Rampage has some diecast metal parts. Also like all of the Predacons, he carries a sword for that really up-close-and-personal kind of fighting. In that way, and a couple others, the Predacons remind me a lot of the G1 Dinobots. Speaking of G1 Dinobots…

Up next: A Divebomb by any other name, might have been Swoop? Wait… what? Divebomb!


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