A Divebomb by any other name, might have been Swoop? Wait… what? Divebomb!

Looks more like a stork or maybe a crane to me.

Divebomb, even though he was the first Transformer to carry the name “Divebomb”, was not the first Transformer to carry the name Divebomb.

So, here’s one of those odd bits of Transformers history, as described in the Marvel UK Transformers Annual for 1987: the Dinobot we now know as Swoop wasn’t always named Swoop. His original name was Divebomb.

“During one of many battles between the Autobots and our mortal enemies, the Decepticons, I tussled with an airborne Decepticon whose real name I never learnt. I lost.”

Swoop goes on to state,

“The Decepticon let it be known that he’d adopted the name, Divebomb. My name. Wanted to rub my nose in the defeat he’d handed out to me.”

Swoop goes looking for this upstart Decepticon,

This second encounter ends much like the first for poor Swoop. The only difference this time is that the Decepticon, Divebomb, decides it’ll be better if he just puts Swoop out of his misery. He is just about to make good on his threat of murder when Optimus Prime himself steps in, quietly laying the smackdown on the unsuspecting Predacon. 

In the comic, , cybertronian alt-mode is a rather odd winged goat-headed creature… thing. His earthen alt-mode, however, is described in his original Marvel Universe bio as being an Eagle.

From this angle, I look very much like a bird.

Unfortunately, this statement appears to have been missed completely by Dreamwave back in 2003 when they did their “More Than Meets The Eye” series, basically a redo of the Marvel Universe bios with prettier pictures.

Hawk, Eagle, what's the difference, right?

 One thing they did get right in their image is that Divebomb can mount his two handguns on his wings for his “attack mode”. Of the three I have seen so far, Divebomb easily has the weakest alt-mode. Seen from above, he very much looks like a giant robotic eagle, but from straight on, he’s far more robot and far less eagle.

Just like Rampage and Headstrong, his alt-mode’s head transformation provides some semblance of articulation. His only other point of articulation is that his wingtips tuck into the rest of the wing and the whole wing pivots straight up. Sadly they do not hinge backwards to allow for flapping poses. The thing I like the most about Divebomb is his robot mode.

I know what you're thinking, impressive wingspan, right?

I just love everything about him, from the contrast of orange, black, orange on his arms to the panelled detailing on his wings, to the way he wears his alt-mode’s head as a hat in robot mode. I can see a lot of things that will most likely provide articulation in his third transformation as the combined mode’s arm, namely his waist and hips swivels. His personality is also one of the most fun. Though that murderous, hunter streak is still there, this time it is tempered with an almost child-like merriment, he’s constantly in a good mood. He is strong like his fellow Predacons, but Divebomb finally brings some much needed intelligence to the talent pool. In fact, his bio states that the only thing that can break his good mood is being burdened with the task of merging with his fellow Predacons, whom he tolerates at best. Oh well, they say you can’t pick your family, right? 

Up next: Like a bull in a china shop… only literally. Tantrum!


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