Like a bull in a china shop… only literally. Tantrum!

The faction sign of the bully. Heh.

Were Tantrum to find himself in a china shop it would be because he’s grown bored and wishes to smash something, his name tells the whole story. Tantrum is a petulant child and “anger management issues” doesn’t even begin to describe him. In fact, he would probably argue that he doesn’t have any issues with managing anger at all. Granted, that’s because his version of managing his anger is to break things until he “feels better”. Here’s the kicker though: Tantrum’s mounting rage is most likely because he’s actually mentally handicapped. From his bio,

“No one knows the source of Tantrum’s chronic fits of anger, but his fellow Predacons suspect a fuel line in his cerebro-center isn’t feeding properly into his logic circuitry, making him incapable of acting rationally for sustained periods.”

Awwww, he’s a special Transformer. He is very much like Headstrong in alt-mode. He is a rather solid and well detailed bull, with some limited head articulation. He even displays some minor articulation in his front legs.

Also, as the other leg of their combined mode, he shares Headstrong’s ability to attach the combined mode’s foot as a pair of cannons in an “Attack Mode”.

Mess with the bull, you get the giant freaking cannons.

Tantrum is definitely my least favourite of the Predacons so far. Though his alt-mode makes for a decent bull, his robot mode is textbook awkward, chunky robot. He has a little bit of arm articulation, but his elbows are hinged inward, rather than upward. His shoulder articulation is decent, rotating both forward as well as outward, but, also just like Headstrong,  his robot legs have no articulation of any kind. His proportions are oddly tall and thin, leaving him looking very gangling.

He looks like he's just hit the robot equivalent of puberty. Though that might explain why he's so angry all the time...

The worst part though is his weapons; his hands can’t actually hold them. His wrist is angled in such a way that the pegs don’t securely insert into his fists.

Plenty of Transformers have awkward wrists, the difference being that their weapons are usually designed around this. Overall, an exceedingly “meh” robot mode on an otherwise decent toy.

Up next: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, this lion never sleeps. Bring on the big cat, Razorclaw!


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