What does the king of the predators call himself? Anything he wants to. Predaking!

“As a warrior he has no equal; as a weapon he has no restraints.”

This is one predator you definitely wouldn’t want to catch. Everything about Predaking is designed for war. From the built-in brass-knuckle like spikes on his fists; to the fact that he has bulls horns for one knee and a rhino horn for the other; to his feet guns. 

He has guns. For feet.

Predaking certainly does not disappoint. He is huge and, thanks to all that diecast metal, quite heavy. Luckily the designers put a latching mechanism at the point Razorclaw combines with both Headstrong and Tantrum to form the legs, to keep them from slipping off when you pick him up. The Predacon’s unified colour scheme looks so much better than the patchwork crazy quilt look of the Scramble City style combiners. I think this might also explain why the Seacons were one of my favourite combiner teams originally as well. The combined form is so much more visually appealing due to the fact that these guys actually look like they are all part of a cohesive whole.

Though his instructions show him with Razorclaw’s sword as his weapon, the sword is clearly built for a ‘bot of Razorclaw’s stature, not the towering Predaking. The effect is something like a human holding one of those plastic swords used to impale fruit in alcoholic beverages, i.e. not very threatening looking at all. CrazyDevy.com does have an impressively large upgraded sword for sale for those that just have to have a show-accurate sword for their Predaking. They also have upgraded wings — the first release of which did serious amounts of damage to people’s original Divebomb wings (just looking at the pictures at the beginning of that thread hurts). Their latest offering, cartoon accurate feet, as well as their first upgrade, a more accurate and articulated head, also hold no interest for me. That being said, if they offer articulated hands at some point and if the price is reasonable I would definitely be interested.

So, 24 years later, the impressive and fearsome Predaking joins my combiner shelves. Well worth the wait.


4 thoughts on “What does the king of the predators call himself? Anything he wants to. Predaking!

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