Just by his name alone, he must get a bad rap with cops. PCC Leadfoot with Pinpoint!

a person who drives a motor vehicle too fast, esp. habitually.

Seriously, one of the best names to ever come out of Transformers. I mean, what else do you call a robot who actually is a motor vehicle that habitually drives too fast? Leadfoot isn’t all about speed, though. He’s also a master of infiltration with a minicon partner that actually renders him invisible to sensors. In personality, alt-mode, and name, he is an homage to the original Leadfoot, one of the G2 Autobots.

Anothe little bit of detail is that his alt-mode is apparently sponsored by “Blackrock”. Blackrock Industries/Enterprises was the oil company and defense contractor that showed up throughout the original Marvel comic book. Luckily Leadfoot doesn’t homage his G2 counterpart’s colour scheme, replacing the overly vibrant yellow and blue with a nice, calm, orange and white with gold highlights. The translucent yellow on his minicon partner, Pinpoint, goes perfectly.

Pinpoint himself is a bundle of homages. First, his name and the fact that he has a weapon mode harkens back to the Targetmaster partner Pinpointer.

Pinpointer is clearly jealous that Pinpoint can actually use his guns in robot mode.

Second, his transformation and engine details perfectly mimic the G1 Powermaster partners.

This makes Leadfoot a PowerTargetmaster — or rather, PowerCoreTargetmasterCombiner, I guess.

Speaking of the “Combiner” part of PCC, even more luckily for this Leadfoot he doesn’t homage the original’s gimmick either. As a member of the “Rotor Force”, G2 Leadfoot had a large, spinning rotor that could be launched, presumably in the general direction of the bad-guys, I mean, have you ever tried to aim one of those things before?

Stand back or we will give you a gentle fanning!!! (G2 Leadfoot is the one in the middle.)

As a Power Core Combiner Commander (say that five times fast), Leadfoot has a third mode. He transforms into a torso with the universal connectors to attach any of the other Power Core drone limbs. Despite having a third mode, his other two modes don’t really suffer at all. Naturally, being a race car, I attached Double Clutch’s Rallybots to him.

When I first saw Leadfoot’s Combined Mode head, the first thing I thought of was not actually a Transformer, but a G.I. Joe character. For some reason, and maybe it is just me, I see the Cobra B.A.T. when I look at it.

The best part? I can’t think of a thing to complain about with this guy! In fact, he has quickly advanced to the top of my favourite Autobot PCC Commanders.


3 thoughts on “Just by his name alone, he must get a bad rap with cops. PCC Leadfoot with Pinpoint!

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