Call him “the Aquaman of the Autobots” one more time and he might just hurt you, Seaspray!

When I was young I was the shortest person in class almost my entire grade-school life. That’s why I could always relate to the minibots. These little guys were scrappy and could always be counted on in a fight. Some of them were the same mold, sometimes with slight differences, and in my own personal canon, I have always treated these guys as “twins”. Next week we’ll take a look at two sets of these twins, the very definition of “scrappy”, Brawn and Outback; and the very well known Bumblebee and his overshadowed mold-mate, Cliffjumper.

This week, however, we’re looking at two of those minibots that have two things in common; first they had no twin. Seaspray and Powerglide were singular in their use of their respective molds. Second, their recent updated toys… well, they aren’t so mini anymore.

So, there I was, picked on for being small, and then the summer between my sophmore and junior years in high school happened. I went away shortest and came back almost a foot taller. That’s why I can further relate to both Seaspray and Powerglide, both of which are now Voyager class toys. So, without further ado, here’s the all-new Seaspray, with the G2 of his old body (shiny!)

Go ahead, pick on me for my speech impediment now.

Poor, poor Seaspray had it rough. He wasn’t just a minibot but he also had: a water-based alt-mode — hence his frequent comparison to Aquaman; a speech impediment — seriously, it sounds like he is constantly swallowing his tongue; and a somewhat… portly character model in the cartoon.

I put the port and the aft in portly.

His toy was also one of the smallest. Now, however, he is all grown up and ready to take on those naysayers. Hasbro continues to knock it out of the park with headsculpts, giving him the semblance of a scuba mask. They also went the extra mile on this mold, allowing upward articulation of his head and giving him flip-out fins on his feet to provide him with “swimming action”.

Trident courtesy of Terradive. Seriously, how did the jet get a trident but not the aqua-bot?

Just like his colouring, his alt-mode remains true to the original while adding functionality, creating an updated hovercraft that is also a troop-carrier.

All-in-all a great update that gives Seaspray a much needed boost in power. I have a feeling this little guy isn’t going to get picked on by his fellow Autobots anymore. As for the Decepticons? Call him “the Aquaman of the Autobots” again and you may just get two harpoons lodged where the sun doesn’t shine.


3 thoughts on “Call him “the Aquaman of the Autobots” one more time and he might just hurt you, Seaspray!

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