Snake wassssss once a man! Errr, I mean a head! Cobra the Headmaster!

Yesterday we met the Headmaster Warriors, a group of Cybertronians that transformed into heads trying to earn their transtectors, or bodies. It turns out that though only the six Headmaster Warriors actually made it to shelves, designs were created for at least 17 more. When Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster, authors of Transformers: The Ark – A Complete Compendium of Character Designs, decided to do a second edition devoted to Japanese character models, a lot of us got our first looks at these designs.

Having done a tiger, a lion, and an elephant, the designers were ready to really take it a step further. Along with those shown above, they proposed a rhinoceros, alligator, bull, gliding lizard, and a dugong. (No, not Dewgong, but the animal it is based on, the Dugong.) Pretty awesome concepts but they never made it past the concept stage… until now.

At the beginning of 2010 a group calling themselves Headrobots, “a small international group of long-time robot fans that wanted to create some new ‘bots”, debuted with “Cobra Headrobot”. Their mission, as they describe it, was fully realized,

“We combine unique talents in Design, Graphics, Illustration, and Manufacturing to create homages to the robots of the past.”

They took the image above and actually created an actual working model from it.

Fully transformable from Cobra to Head mode, this “After-Market add-on” works exactly as an official Takara head would, combining with any of the Headmaster robots.

With the success of their first piece, they were contacted by different groups wanting to do exclusive versions. The Nordic Transformers convention, in Arlöv in Sweden, “Nordcon”, did a Beast Wars themed repaint named Mixcoatl, then did a G.I.Joe “Cobra Commander” inspired repaint named Snake. Snake had not only a new paintjob but he also included a new accessory, a double-barrelled gun that could mount on the snake mode or could be held by the bigger robot. After that, while at Botcon 2010 in June, I was lucky enough to snag one of Megatoysfan’s Red Crystal Cobra version (limited to only 200 pieces) that also included the gun.

The first time I saw him, the urge to eat him like a piece of candy was pretty strong.

He looks particularly well as Chromedome’s head.

Also at Botcon, Headrobots displayed a prototype of their next Headmaster Warrior concept brought to life, the amazing Iguana shown in the pages above. I, for one, can not wait. I am all about Headmasters and therefore I am all about supporting Headrobots pieces.

Do as we sssssssssssay and no one getssssssss hurt!!

Tomorrow: Hardhead gets his proper head back. Then Headrobots amps it up to eleven with their Hothead Headrobot release!


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