A quick trip to the dark side with the Evil Autobot Rodimus!

In April of 2008, my friend Michael and I jumped in a rental car and headed to Cincinnati, Ohio for Botcon. This would be the first year that I actually went to Botcon and bought all of the exclusives. The reason? Evil twins. Repaints of various Classics, Energon, Armada, and Cybertron toys, this “Shattered Glass” set had: a vicious, psychotic Optimus Prime; a heroic, scientist Starscream; but it was one of the two At-Show souvenir sets that I most loved. Taking the “Evil Twin” thing to its absolute nerdiest, this dimension’s Rodimus was outfitted with an appropriately evil mustache and goatee!

First person to make a Spock joke gets shanked.

Also, he’s not just a straight repaint-in-dark-colours, he’s got a different flame pattern on this hood and the purple insignia of the Evil Autobots. Rather ironically, there is one part of Shattered Glass Rodimus that is less evil than his regular universe counterpart. What was a wicked little saw blade on our universe’s Rodimus has apparently become (at least according to TFWiki) a Comm Unit. 

His vehicle mode is pretty awesome as well, with blood-red tinted windows and glittery silver-flecks in his black paint.

Eeeeeeevil car of the future.

Up Next: It’s back to our own Universe, but first a side trip through the Unicron Trilogy and Animated Universes for some Rodimus-related homages! 


5 thoughts on “A quick trip to the dark side with the Evil Autobot Rodimus!

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