A whole bevy of combiner pieces: First Aid! Blades! Neo-Wheel (Universe Hot Spot)! Sireen (Universe First Aid)! Falcon Wing!

Never say I never gave you a bargain. Even if I confuse myself into providing a little bit of a misguided bargain. It’s two-for-one Combiners here at the end of January. I was originally planning to do the mighty Defensor when I realized there are actually two Defensors. The more the merrier, I thought. Let’s break down both of them for your pretty picture viewing pleasure. So I made my clever Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes) mentions over there in the “This Week” box. Then I set to typing this post and it occurred to me.

Strictly speaking, I don’t own two sets of Protectobots.

Yes, there are two, actual, recognized Defensors that have been released as toys. One is G1 Defensor, composed of the original five Protectobots. The other is Universe Defensor, composed of the Micromaster Protectobots. However, Universe Defensor is the American release of the 2002 Micromaster Collection reissue of the 1992 Japan-only release of Sixturbo. What I own is actually the Micromaster Collection reissue from Japan. I didn’t bother to buy the Universe Protectobots when they came out in 2004 because they are identical to the ones I have — with the exception of their copyright stamps.  

Without further ado, I present an assortment of limbs.

G1 Defensor’s arms are polar opposites. First Aid, as his name may suggest, is a “compassionate, cautious” Autobot doctor. Blades, as his name may suggest, is a stabby-stabby, pyschotic street-brawler.

“If I’m gonna destroy someone, I want his fuel spurting all over me, not the ground below,” says Blades.

So, his grasp on the “Protect” part of “Protectobots” is a little tenuous, at least he throws himself into his work. I’m just glad he’s on the side of the good guys. Plus, he can totally excuse his name because of his helicopter alt-mode, right? 

Unfortunately, as much as First Aid would perfer they do nothing but protect, these are still giant robots in the midst of a war.

The Ambulance of Destruction. First he shoots you, then patches up the pieces. Why wait for an emergency when you can just cause one?

First Aid’s robot mode is a good, solid G1 era robot. Blades, however, is a bit of a trainwreck in the arm department.

Really, how hard would it have been make his landing skids fold out of the way? Worried about cost? Then trade out some form of hinge for those completely unnecessary wheels. Maybe he’s such a pscyho because he’s always knocking everything over when he reaches for things? Design flaws can kill, kids. Also, design flaws can kill kids. (See the difference a comma makes?)

While I’m in complaining mode, someone please explain how the alt-modes of the six Micromasters that make up Sixturbo/Universe Defensor work together for either team? Sixturbo is made up of the Turbo Team; what part of “Turbo Team” made people think this:

Of course, Sireen — or Universe First Aid as he was known in America — works perfectly fine for the Protectobots. However, what’s so “Protecto” about this:

Neo-Wheel (or Hot Spot in the American release) gets to the emergency fastest.

You got Protecto in my Turbo, and vice versa. Setting aside all team assignment oddities, I love me some Micromasters. Takara went out of their way, with paint applications that really add a lot of details to these guys.

Once again, the Ambulance of Destruction. Wait, his bio states that those are medical equipment? Riiiiight.

According to Sireen’s bio, all of that bristling equipment (that looks a whole heck of a lot like weaponry) is actually not “offensive weaponry, but rather various medical tools and devices.”

Those are weapons if ever I saw them.

Of course, this can be taken with a grain of salt because the original toys did not have individual bios, these bios come from the 2002 reissue. Just looking at Sireen, I choose to believe the original toy designer was actually going for more of,

“Oh, look a harmless ambulance.” *transforming noise* Surprise… death! Mwahahahahaha.

Also, Neo-Wheel “appears to have the special ability to communicate with the animals” according to his bio. I literally have no comment about a Transformer that chooses to speak to squirrels.

There are six of them, but being Micromasters, the Turbo Team/Universe Protectobots might have a slight disadvantage when compared to their G1 counterparts.

"One word about Mini Me and I will blow you away with my... 'medical tools and devices'."

However, one distinct advantage that they have is, when not combined, all of the extra material used in their combination (footplates, fists, etc.) can be combined into Falcon Wing, an aerial assault craft that can be piloted by a Micromaster.


Let’s see what happens to the original G1 combiner pieces when not in use.

Right. Definitely advantage to the Micromaster team.


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