More from the Protecto-turbo-team-bots! Streetwise! Groove! Circuit (Universe Streetwise)! Glide (Universe Groove)! Road Police (Universe Prowl)! and… Streetwise! Another one?

This is Streetwise:

This is not Streetwise, it is Prowl:

But this is Streetwise:

Anyone else seeing a huge missed opportunity for some naming synergy between our two teams of Protectobots? Because there are five G1 Protectobots and six Universe Protectobots, naturally they would need to come up with at least one name. If you still want that G1 Homage connection, why not let the police car be Streetwise and call the Formula 1 “Mirage”? Of course, if you paid close attention to yesterday’s post, you know of at least one other missed opportunity that will rear its ugly head eventually.

On the flip side of that, also as you saw in the last post, both ambulances were named First Aid. Likewise, these are both Groove:

Naming aside, everyone has pretty solid alt-modes. One rather clever bit of tooling is on the lightbar on our Micromaster police car.

As you can see, rather than using paint application, the effect of the two red "lights" is created by having the outer piece of the hinge actually be red plastic. Simple, yet ingenious if you ask me.

As far as the robot modes on these guys, first up, Streetwise. He has a good, if somewhat blocky, very G1 robot mode.

Groove, is… very, very, very G1 with no discernible legs, no discernible arms or hands.

"It's probably a good thing that I'm also part of a combiner."

Also, notice all those lovely stickers, providing all the detailing on his chest? That is functionally the bottom of the motorcycle mode. Here’s what happens when you put stickers on the part of the vehicle mode that is constantly scraping against the ground when being played with:

"My life is pain."

Let’s just say it gives a whole new definition to “Road Rash”. Of course, like their G1 Protectobot bretheren, Streetwise and Groove have their Attack alt-mode as well.

Of course, any previously mentioned naming failures on the newest Protectobots become even less relevant here when you consider that these are actually the Japanese release.

Glide, Road Police, and Circuit.

The wonderful tooling on Road Police doesn’t stop at his ingenious police lights. His robot details are awesome.

Police hat, headphones with microphone boom, molded lapels, and a necktie. This cop is all business.

But wait… what have we here?

Botcon G2: Redux Streetstar (a.k.a. Streetwise)

In G2, the Protectobots were repainted but cancelled before release. As part of last year’s G2: Redux line, the folks at Botcon included “Streetstar” as an update to G2 Streetwise, a toy that was never even released.

G1, G2, and then G2: Redux.

Having lost the trademark to Streetwise, they used Streetstar. (Click here for a closer look at G2: Redux Streetwise.) The name Streetstar comes from a Japan-only slight repaint of Streetwise that was released as part of “Operation Combination” in 1992, the line that also saw the first release of the Turbo Team. It’s like a giant cycle of homage upon update upon homage.


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