Eleven body parts, two defenders of humanity. The compassionate guardian, Defensor! The heroic protector, Sixturbo!

The great part about combiners as a kid is the worst part about combiners as a collector. As a kid you have five or six robots to play with and then, when you need their combined power, you make one hulking robot to decimate the enemy forces. As a collector, by displaying Defensor and Sixturbo, I lose out on displaying this awesome array of robot-y goodness.

Of course, therein lies the problem across all Transformers. You have to choose which mode to display them in. Just short of buying two — sometimes three or four, or in Sixshot’s case, six — of the same Transformer (this hobby can get expensive enough without that kind of nonsense) you also miss out on displaying a stunning array of amazing alt-modes.

One unexpected thing has come out of this week of really examining the Protectobots. I think I’m actually going to hunt down a Hot Spot to display in my collection by himself. I have really grown to love the baby blue fire truck commander, and he has jumped into the top five of my favourite ‘bots of G1 list.

But enough gooshing about these guys. We all know what the true joy is of combiners, gestalts, Amalgam models, Fusilateral Quintrocombiners, or whatever you personally choose to call these guys. The best part of a combiner team is the combined form.  

Defensor breaks with the other Scramble City Combiners in two ways. First, his head is not a separate piece that is applied like a helmet afterwards, it is actually molded onto the base of Hot Spot’s fire truck ladder. This gives Defensor a uniquely extended range of head poseability. Second, Defensor’s component pieces have a much more unified colour scheme. 

Where Defensor is a seriously solid chunk of combined robots, Sixturbo is a little more… svelte. Sixturbo also follows more closely the edict of the more colours, the better. This works slightly more in Sixturbo’s favour as a display piece.

Speaking of “as a display piece”, Sixturbo would have driven me crazy as a kid. Due to the design of the wings protruding out from his chest piece, he can’t actually raise either of his arms to fire his gun straight on. To raise it up to fire, you have to turn the arm out. Of course, thanks to the fact that you can turn his head, this flaw in playability makes for a more dynamic pose.


2 thoughts on “Eleven body parts, two defenders of humanity. The compassionate guardian, Defensor! The heroic protector, Sixturbo!

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