“Any bad robot out there better get ready for an ass-whoopin’!” RotF Mudflap and Skids!

Mudflap is that kid at school who wants soooooo badly to be cool that he eclipses cool and lands squarely in the realm of self-parody. Skids is the kid that wants to be even cooler than that kid, and will put himself constantly in harm’s way to prove to anyone that will listen just how cool.

Most of this just ends up with one or both of them hurt; but they have a definite talent for scraping through with some exceptionally close calls. One thing I like about the Twins — so called because their Sparks are the result of a single Spark that split in two — is that they can either have separate alt-modes or they can have a combined mode. Their initial appearance in the movie resulted in one of the grandest Transformer toys, the Ice Cream Twins.

A Deluxe sized toy, it is actually formed by the combination of the two robots. Wonderfully adorned with slogans like “Creamy ICE CREAM” and “MADE FRESH FOR YOU!”, it’s missing some of the more crude labels they actually sported in the movie such as “SUCK MY POPSICLE”. The truly amazing part is how the two robots fit together so seamlessly as the Ice Cream truck, and still manage to have decent robot modes.  

"Suck my what?" "No, no, we are waaaay to classy for something like that."

 Other than the element of surprise — and boy is that much pink on a Transformer surprising — there’s really not too much benefit to an Ice Cream truck alt-mode. It’s not very surprising that they choose to upgrade to separate faster and more agile alt-modes. For their Legends-class toys, they both have surprisingly complex transformations with very solid concept car alt-modes, a Chevy Trax for Mudflap and a Chevy Beat for Skids.

For all of their faults and antics in the movie, they can claim to be the only Transformers in Revenge of the Fallen to go head-to-head with Devastator and not just live to tell the tale, but deal some serious damage to the hulking monstrocity of a Decepticon.

"Who's bad?" "We bad."

In a rare rough approximation of scale in Transformers toys, with one Supreme-class Devastator and a Legends-class Mudflap and Skids you can actually recreate this scene.

"Oh, slag."


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