He’d shoot his grenade at the bad-guys, but he needs it later to tow some train cars. RiD Rapid Run!

Team Bullet Train plays it as by-the-books as possible. To balance out the authoritative old-man that is their leader, Railspike (now that is a great name), there is Rapid Run. The brash, young Rapid Run “is always ready for a fight and loves a good brawl.” His techspec quote?

“Let’s Battle!!!!!!”

Rapid Run is the strongest of the trio and his techspec goes out of its way to point out that he is an exceptionally good shot… with his grenade launcher. Someone needs to tell the people that writes these things that the phrase “Almost only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades” exists for a reason. You don’t have to be spectacularly accurate with grenades, the huge resulting explosion usually compensates for any bad aim.

Transformers is chock full of logical inconsistencies and Rapid Run typifies one of them. On his toy his “grenade launcher” is his shield and his “grenade” is actually the missle piece that forms the rear hitch for his train mode. This means that if he fires his weapon at all, his alt-mode no longer has a rear hitch. Of course, how safe is having a grenade for a hitch anyway?

Speaking of his toy — which is very cartoon accurate — Rapid Run manages to do much better than Midnight Express, but still comes off as having much longer legs proportionate to his arms.

The one thing I kinda don’t like about him is his headsculpt. His mouth is distractingly beak-shaped. His cartoon appearances show that this is not an actual beak but a faceplate; it doesn’t move when he speaks. His toy shares his fellow Team Bullet Train’s great articulation. One of the things that I do like about his toy, and his character in general is the inclusion of his shield.

There’s only so many different types of offensive weaponry that can be invented. It’s always good to see characters like Rapid Run and G1 Trailbreaker whose specialty is defensive, a nigh-impenetrable force-field.

Not too surprisingly for a member of this team, his alt-mode is a bullet train. Rapid Run transforms into a 700 series bullet train.

Specific to his paint scheme, and reflected in the label on his alt-mode, he is a Hikari Rail Star.

7 thoughts on “He’d shoot his grenade at the bad-guys, but he needs it later to tow some train cars. RiD Rapid Run!

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    • The online stores like BigBadToyStore.com and TFSource.com get them in sporadically and they’re not too expensive. Looks BBTS has the Takara releases of the other two trains for only $13 a piece right now!
      Other than that, you can get them on Ebay between $20 and $30 a train.

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