An actually well-balanced grumpy old man Transfomer? RiD Railspike!

Railspike definitely has the best name of Team Bullet Train, Rapid Run coming second, and Midnight Express coming in last for basically being a name that says,

“How could we have run out of names for train-related Transformers already?”

Seriously, Hasbro is really bad at naming train-bots. For proof, just look at the Micromaster Railbots:

Railspike – Once again, great train-related name,

Rapid Run – still doing good,

Midnight Express – at least they put this vaguely train-related name on a dark-coloured train this time, giving it some semblance of legitimacy,

Overload – what? What does this mean? Well, I guess it doesn’t not sound like a name for a train,

Tankor – stock Hasbro name re-use anyone? Vaguely kinda, possibly train-ish name,

Swindle – stock Hasbro name re-use, part deux, with a little nonsense thrown in.

Railspike, though, has it all. He’s got a great name, leader of one of the most consistently effective combiner teams — possibly in Transformers history — and his toy is cartoon-accurate, well-articulated, and just plain awesome.

Meet my friends, "Smack" and "Down".

Missle-launching gimmicks fall in the mid-range of the “how much do gimmicks annoy me?” scale (especially when they make no sense, like Rapid Run’s “grenade launcher”.) However the least annoying (and by “least annoying”, I mean “not annoying at all and actually kinda awesome”) are the light-up features.

Let me tell you, this was not an easy shot to set up.

One of the great things about his figure is that those shoulder wings are just chock full of molded-in detail, the designer didn’t just leave us with hollowed-out interior plastic. 

In the cartoon, Railspike is the rather gruff spoken, veteran warrior, leader of Team Bullet Train. He has a nice mix of yelling at the “turbo-revving, young punk” Rapid Run, while — on occasion literally — steering the easily flustered Midnight Express straight.

Railspike is the sleekiest of the train types used in Team Bullet Train. He transforms (ha, I almost typed “trainsforms”) into a 500-series train capable of going 199 mph (320 km/h ).

The amount of "Is that a train, or are you just happy to see me?" jokes are staggering.


2 thoughts on “An actually well-balanced grumpy old man Transfomer? RiD Railspike!

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  2. That really is a great toy, although I admit I bought it just for the joke factor. I have the Japanese version, with a clear-plastic windows. So cool. =)

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