How to take that annoying, awkward kid and make him likeable (take notes, Wheelie.) Generations and Animated Blurr!

I hated Blurr. Really, really hated him. He is one of the G1 toys I have never had the urge to track down due to my intense dislike of his character. His appearances in the cartoon, starting with his debut in the 1986 movie, grated on my nerves, even as a kid. Voiced by John Moschitta, known as the world’s fastest talking man, Blurr was annoying, not because he spoke rapidly, but because to artificially inflate this rapidity he repeated words and entire phrases over, and over, and over again. So very, very annoying. Come to think of it, I think I might still hate G1 Blurr.

Or — more correctly — I would still hate G1 Blurr, if it weren’t for Blurr’s Generations toy and his reinvention in the IDW comics. The annoying motormouth has been given a backstory as an ex-egotistical ex-celebrity Cybertronian racer turned freedom fighter. He even managed to lose his speedy speech impediment, for a short time at least.

As for his Generations toy, he is a retool of Generations Drift — an already seriously cool, wonderfully articulated toy — made even cooler by trading out the plethora of swords for a plethora of guns. His toy is very comic accurate, especially considering he is a repaint of a previous toy.

[Just a note: one of the guns that came with him, a rather impressively sized sniper rifle, won’t actually be making an appearance in this post, it has been given — forever — to Perceptor. I don’t know if you’ve seen Perceptor recently, but nowadays, when he wants something, it’s best just to give it to him.]

Even minus his sniper rifle, Blurr can still go all John Woo on the Decepticons, if need be.

And his door pieces work as holsters for his guns. Brilliant.

But here’s why I was more than ok with taking that big gun away from him. Being a sniper is all about patience and inactivity, waiting for that one perfect moment to strike, Blurr is made for speed.

Even Blurr’s alt-mode looks like it is hauling tailpipe when it’s just sitting there.

Though, no matter how fast Generation Blurr’s vehicle mode looks, Animated Blurr’s looks even faster.

“Wanna race?”

When I heard Blurr was going to make an appearance in Transformers: Animated with his original G1 voice actor, I was ready to be annoyed with him. However, one of the strengths of Animated is its ability to do a great homage by mixing just enough of the old character with a healthy dose of new. In Blurr’s case, he kept his trademark rapid speech but dropped the repeating of phrases and words. He is an “undercover agent for the Autobot Elite Guard” that uses constant movement as “the best way to avoid detection by Decepticon agents.”

Being an Animated toy, he also is perfectly cartoon accurate and has jaw-dropping articulation.

“Always stretch before running.”

Of course, if he is found by those Decepticon agents, another part of his homage is that his alt-mode hood becomes a shield, just like G1 Blurr. However, this homage’s shield has a little bit of a bite to it. Push a putton and a spring activates a “Telescoping grill energy saw” (whatever that actually means).

These two guys are cool enough to almost make me want to find the original G1 toy. Then again, maybe after I have hunted down all the toys that don’t make me want to punch John Moschitta in the throat.

Oh! I totally lied. Perceptor lent Blurr his gun back long enough to include it in one shot. See, there is a special feature to Blurr’s trio of guns. His two smaller guns can be used as a tripod for the larger. A gun with guns for a tripod. Someone at Hasbro toy design is a certifiable genius.


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