Green Lion! Blue Lion! Voltron!

It was inevitable, I guess. I mean, I have the attention span of a goldfish, so what do you expect? I am officially over Transformers.

From here on out this blog will be nothing but Voltron.

Voltron day and night. I am also upping the amount of posts to at least three per day. None of that Vehicle Voltron or Gladiator Voltron nonsense, either. No, the original, the best, Beast King GoLion! Nothing but lions.

Though I’m keeping the end-of-the-month cadence of featuring a combiner.

Seeing as I only own the one Voltron set (the San Diego Comic Con 25th Anniversary edition) I hope I don’t run out of toys too soon.


Anyway, seriously, how can you not love these guys? They are soooo cute, if a little short on personality. Granted, it’s because they are actually piloted mecha and not robots (though I vaguely remember them exhibiting at least a subtle level of sentience over the course of the series). I guess I’m going to need to brush up on my Voltron fiction? Or, I could just show you more pictures of kitties!

So cute, while being simulatenously capable of killing you dead. Just like a real cat. Now… what was I talking about?¹

¹See? Attention span of a goldfish. Mmmmmm, goldfish crackers…


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