Red Lion! Yellow Lion! Voltron!

Ok, right off the bat I’m starting to see a flaw in my plan of switching from Transformers to Lion-only-Voltron-toy-blogger-extraordinaire. There is, of course, my aforementioned possession of only one set of these guys. Also, these guys may be rather impressively articulated for Voltron toys, but there’s only so many poses you can put a cat in before you inevitably start duplicating LOLCat images.

However, I am a man of principles. When I make a decision, I stick to it!


"We can has cheezburger?"

As a kid, the red lion was my favourite. This is because, as a kid, my favourite colour was red. Had I owned a Voltron toy and known that the two lions that make up the arms are considerably smaller than the leg lions, I probably would have felt differently. I was shallow as a kid, what can I say? I still particularly like the arm lions because, due to the built-in elbow joint for their combined mode, they have far better articulation than their larger bretheren.

A mother lion teaches her cub how to hunt?

These toys bring back such fond memories for me. As a kid I actually tried to combine my love of Transformers with my love of the lions of Voltron. I drew an entire line of animal mecha that transformed into robots (the evidence of which was lost long ago in one of our many moves. Which is good, that way I can still remember them fondly as well-designed, supremely artistic drawings, rather than the rudimentary collection of rectangles I’m sure they actually were.)

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