As much fun as these individual lions may be to play with, the combined mode is the reason for this toy.

There's a lot of sharp, pointy bits in that family photo there.

So, here he is, the mecha of the hour, the one, the only, (Lion-Force) Voltron!

Wonderfully articulated, Voltron is the only guy cool enough to be able to stand with my Transformers.

There's a lot of sharp, point bits in that shot too.

Adding to the cool factor, of course, is that rather large, very stabby sword of his, which he can actually dual wield.

"Say hello to my leetle friend."

I absolutely adore this figure. I am cautiously optimistic about seeing what they do with the new Voltron show set to air later this year, and more importantly, what they do in the way of new toys. They have already announced “Classic Voltron” toys. At roughly $30 for each lion, the completed Voltron will stand between 2 and 3 feet tall! As impressive as that sounds, I’ll probably just stick with my one “classics” Voltron toy because…

Ok, so the smart folks have already figured out that this was just a week-long April Fool’s joke, I am not switching over to Voltron — Transformers remains the one collection to rule them all. Of course, we’ll be back to Transformers next week. Coming up we have two of the most dangerous Decepticons ever, at least according to their toy bios.


2 thoughts on “Voltron!

    • Unfortunately not. Voltron is one of the very few deemed awesome enough to hang with my Transformers collection. Though you may get a chance at a cheaper Voltron with the new cartoon and toyline coming. I can’t imagine they won’t use that opportunity to reissue the classic toy again, hopefully at a more reasonable price. Good luck!

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