Offer him oatmeal and he will probably crush your head like a grape. Animated Blackout!


There. Sorry, I had to get that out of the way first. My absolute favourite thing about this guy is his disturbing resemblance to Wilford Brimley, of Quaker Oats and Liberty Medical commercial fame (oh yeah, plus a whole boatload of great movies like “Cocoon” too).

"First person to mention oatmeal gets strangled by my mustache."

“The largest Decepticon among my ranks and, before the advent of the accursed Project Omega, the largest Cybertronian ever protoformed.”

~Allspark Almanac II

That description sets him up,  Animated Blackout, that is, not Wilford Brimley, to follow a recent trend in Decepticon heavy-hitters. He is described as being intimidatingly large, frighteningly good at destruction, and capable of single-handedly annihilating entire squadrons of enemies. However — like the ‘bot he is an homage to, Movie (2007) Blackout, as well several others — for such an overwhelming character, his toy is decidedly underwhelming in stature. For Animated Blackout insult is then added to injury when he shows up in the cartoon itself with bulk roughly equal to his fellow Decepticons, not impressively large at all, really.

Size discrepancies aside — what? Scale issues in Transformers?!? Noooo. — this is a great figure with only one actual drawback; coming at the very, very tail-end of the Animated line he was only made available in Japan and had to be imported. Basically, this meant that he cost me twice as much as he should have, kinda like a certain flying Optimus Prime from the same line.

One of things that I think contributes to his shortness is that a good portion of his alt mode’s tail detaches to form a disc-firing weapon for his robot mode.

Impressively sized weapon, but only good for one shot? Hmph.

Now, this is the one case of Animated where you can’t say that he is cartoon-accurate, but that’s not a complaint. As you can see in the screen capture above, he only appeared in the cartoon itself in his Cybertronian mode. His toy is actually assumed to be cartoon-accurate to the never-produced fourth season of Transformers Animated, in which Blackout would have received a gunship helicopter earth mode, furthering the homage of his namesake from the 2007 Movie.

The rotor on his alt mode is actually free-turning; not a ill-engineered, built-in, spring-loaded gimmick that only manages to succeed in stopping the rotor every fourth or fifth revolution that plagues so many alt modes incorporating propellers. This thing actually turns.

You can just imagine the WhupWhupWhup sound as he hovers over the battlefield scanning for the next victim to crush.

So, even though he serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful series that should have been allowed to continue but was cut off with no real explanation offered (no, I’m not bitter, why would you say that?), he is an absolute must-have for any Animated collection, if only because he’s just such an adorable machine of death.

Animated Blackout by Fujisaki chan


6 thoughts on “Offer him oatmeal and he will probably crush your head like a grape. Animated Blackout!

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    • Hahaha! Derrick J. Wyatt says that Blackout sounds like Lurch rather than like Wilford Brimley. Also, he suffers from “low-octane oil.” (Now the Transformers equivalent of diabetes, I guess.)

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