A character so powerful he punched his way backwards into G1! Glorious! Lugnut!

Engrish can be very funny sometimes. When Takara was announcing the Japanese Animated toy releases, a rather oddly named listing showed up for “Ragknights”. Animated had been out for a while in America, so all of the available toys and characters had been revealed. This name — whilst not too odd for a country that has used the names “Kirk” and “Alan” for Transformers — didn’t really line up with anyone we were aware of. Then some Japanese-reading Transfans provided the actual katakana for the characters name:


(pronounced Ragunattsu)

What was being incorrectly transliterated into English as “Ragknights” was actually “Lugnut”.

Lugnut joins Armada Tidal Wave and series-mate Blackout in that long list of Decepticon titans with immense powers and inversely proportionate intelligence. As Foghorn Leghorn would say, “That boy’s as strong as an ox, and just about as smart.” (which, in Lugnut’s case, is probably an insult to the intelligence level of oxen.) Lugnut is fiercely loyal to the Decepticon cause in general, and to the glory of Megatron specifically.  However, he also joins Blackout and Animated Bulkhead in having a toy that, despite being a Voyager-class, is rather small.

Part scale comparison, part reason to show See-Through Prime again.

The standard Animated level of cartoon-accuracy is there, but — once again, just like Blackout — a sizeable chunk of his alt mode’s tail is removed to form a weapon. In Lugnut’s case, however, this weapon is even less useful than Blackout’s one-shot-and-it’s-useless launcher. Having only one attachment point high up on the handle means that his toy can’t actually wield it as anything more than a very elaborate, dangerous looking walking-stick

Shown is the "Atomic Lugnut" repaint. I normally don't buy straight repaints, I just happened to find this one on sale for $12.

With the cancellation of Animated, Lugnut would have retreated into the background but, keeping with the theme of surprisingly, delightfully random choices that have become a staple of the Reveal the Shield/Generations line, Lugnut was called up to duty for an homage.

Even though he is an homage to an Animated character, being released in the Reveal the Shield line meant that this particular incarnation was meant to exist as a G1 character. This was then further solidified when the exclusive comic book that came with the Battle in Space set actually featured a scene that placed RtS Lugnut at the original Battle for Autobot City from the 1986 movie. Lugnut had punched himself backwords into a place in history!

Speaking of punches, Lugnut’s signature weapon is his P.O.K.E., the Punch Of Kill Everything. Focusing an explosive charge in his fist, slamming his fist into anything then results in a positively ridiculous discharge of energy. The shot above is only the beginning of the P.O.K.E., the next scene is usually a crater the size of Detroit.

 Originally just referred to as “Explosive Punch”, the title of “Punch Of Kill Everything” or P.O.K.E. was a fan-adopted term that was then made official by series writer Marty Isenberg. Though the Animated Lugnut is capable of doing a mediocre P.O.K.E. pose,

The superior level of articulation on the new RtS Lugnut means he does a far more dynamic version.

The toy designers even included spring-loaded, extendable fists on the RtS toy that simulate this energy punch. Über homage!

Animated Lugnut’s alt mode is, as best described by TFWiki, a “retro-futuristic bomber”. RtS Lugnut incorporates more from the “Atomic Lugnut” repaint than the original, including the sharkmouth decals along the nose, adding his own details like a more realistic paint-scheme and his name spelled in callsigns on his wings and tail.

Of course, that’s probably more to help him remember his own name than anything else.

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