The teleporting prankster with the reputation for pushing people down stairs. Skywarp!

Skywarp is my favourite Decepticon. Why do I love Skywarp?

No, really, I’m asking. Because frankly, I have absolutely no idea why Skywarp is my favourite Decepticon. Maybe it’s his ability; being able to teleport is a pretty awesome power. Maybe it’s his coloration; he may be one of three identical Transformers (well, toy-wise, cartoon-wise he’s one of many, many identical Transformers) but his combination of black and purple has always appealed to me.

It helps that his purple has become more and more vibrant as time passes.

Even being toy-centric in my collecting, it’s usually the character that holds my interest in a particular Transformer. However, Skywarp is juvenile, brutish, unintelligent prankster. He’s a schoolyard bully. Granted, a schoolyard bully with the ability to teleport, who has gained a fan-wide reputation for pushing people down stairs, but still a distinctly two-dimensional punk of a character. For all his lack of character, though, he’s still my favourite. Maybe he’s the one that proves out that — when push comes to shove — I will pick a well engineered, awesomely detailed toy over deep, meaningful characterization. I’m not sure, but I think I just called myself shallow.

All personal recriminations aside, Skywarp has been the go-to repaint for tons of jets/starfighter designs across multiple Transformers lines. He was the first repaint of the Masterpiece Starscream toy.

While taking the photos for this entry, it came to mind that this might be my favourite Transformers toy made so far.

As mentioned in yesterday’s Thundercracker post, (and shown in the picture up above) he was also the first repaint of the Classics Starscream toy. Each time, I have loved what they have done with his detailing and paint applications.

Within the Universe line, G1 Skywarp was given a body that was a repaint of Beast Machines Jetstorm. This is the form used when G1 Skywarp showed up in the Botcon Universe tie-in comics.

He transforms into the vehicle mode given the generic “Cybertronic Jet Fighter” description.

Being based on the Jetstorm mold, they replaced the Vehicon spark crystal with a Decepticon symbol and retains the amusing ability to extend his cockpit area and look around.

Though this is the end of the updates meant to be the actual G1 character, he has been frequently homaged, in name and colouration.

The amounts of childish pranks pulled by this crowd is unimaginable.

It’s probably easiest to go through this chronologically. First up, we have Armada  Skywarp, who is not just a repaint but also a remold from Armada Starscream. Given a new, rather sinister headsculpt, he is a great looking toy with a serious lack of articulation.

This is kinda the only pose he can do.

He retains the mold’s deployable shoulder cannons and wing sword.

I’m not sure pulling your wing off to use as a weapon is a solid tactic, someone takes your sword and your alt mode has just been disabled. Speaking off which, his alt mode is somewhere between a jet and a starfighter.

In Armada, Skywarp remains a petty, immature prankster, however, he’s now a petty, immature, prankster martial arts expert. Ummm, okay.

Moving on from there we have Cybertron Skywarp. For a refreshing change of pace, he is now a repaint of Thundercracker rather than Starscream.

My least favourite of the Skywarps. He has far too little black, and almost didn't make it into this post. Also, that giant gun arm has got to be a pain to deal with.

He does harken back better to the original F-15 jet alt mode.

Being a Cybertron toy, the gimmick is that a Cyberkey is inserted in his tail-end to deploy his missle launcher.

That's gotta do wonders for his aerodynamics.

Stepping out of the Unicron Trilogy lines, we jump to the Animated line. Within the cartoon, Starscream clones himself numerous times to create an army. A bi-product of the process is that each clone represents one very distinct part of Starscream’s personality. The last clone created, painted in Skywarp’s colours, personifies Starscream’s cowardly side. However, he is one of only two of the many clones to receive a retail release in the Voyager class toy from Hasbro. It’s remarkably difficult to photograph, but he has metallic, somewhat glittery purple highlights on his chest, shoulders, arms, and pelvis that are quite nice.

The jet alt mode used in Animated is a futuristic, forward-swept wing design.

Most recently, Skywarp received another Thundercracker repaint, but this time Thundercracker is, in turn, a remold of Starscream. Skywarp comes from the Revenge of the Fallen line, while both Thundercracker and Starscream were released as part of the prior Movie (2007) line.

Picking things up must be a complete impossibility for him.

As such, he is meant to be an F-22 Raptor in alt mode, though heavily modified to account for the bulk of his transformation.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this isn’t the end of the Seekers. On Tuesday they will all be brought together with the junior member, Acid Storm. In the meantime, here’s a shot of — at long last — the original three Decepticon Seekers, brought together in their updated forms.

A beautiful sight, almost brings a tear to my eye.

The originals, and still the best.


11 thoughts on “The teleporting prankster with the reputation for pushing people down stairs. Skywarp!

    • Actually, I hadn’t really looked at him. I didn’t realize he was that much different than the Hasbro release. Now I might need to keep an eye out for a deal on him coming up at Botcon. Thanks!

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