I think someone is overcompensating for something. Cliffjumper! (pt. 2)

In the previous Cliffjumper post we took a look at everyone’s favourite red repaint of Bumblebee as Hasbro released him in G1, Classics, and Generations. Only one of the three truly earned the name “red repaint”, as G1 was his very own mold and Generations at least had a completely new headsculpt. Poor Classics Cliffjumper was just a straight repaint, with the same grinning headsculpt as ‘Bee. To fix this obvious oversight, recently another third party company, a group called Beelzeboss, released their own version of an upgrade kit for Classics Cliffjumper.

The previously released upgrade set, which was FansProject’s first actual release, was done in limited numbers and now sells for hundreds of dollars. Despite this — and despite the fact that I am a huge fan of most of FansProject’s work — I really don’t like that set. Mostly because I felt that none of the faces included really did CJ justice. One of them in particular looked like he had taken a couple too many shots to the nose. This new set by Beelzeboss, the “Devil Horns” upgrade set, includes a new head and two new guns but forgoes the multiple faces and additions to vehicle mode that were included in the FansProject set. Of course, when the headsculpt is this much of a likeness, you only need the one face.

In all fairness to FansProject, the previous upgrade kit (or “HerpDerp” Cliffjumper as I like to call him), was their first ever attempt. That being said, Beelzeboss has hit it out of the park with this new head. Styling that provides that old school robot look while looking good with updated Classics body, this is the CJ I know and love. There are two things CJ is known for: his scrappy attitude for a little guy and the absolutely huge piece of weaponry he pulled seemingly out of nowhere in his first cartoon appearance, which just happened to be the very first episode of Transformers.

Hound: "Ummm, Cliffjumper, maybe we should talk about these feelings of inadequacy you have."

This set provides CJ with an appropriately ridiculously sized cannon, as well as a smaller pistol.

Thanks to his new head, Cliffjumper is no longer that red repaint. He’s even forgiven Bumblebee enough to loan him his gun. Well, the pistol at least.

"We got your 'Minibot' right here."

This post got me thinking about the other Cliffjumpers in my collection, so I started checking how many I really had. Other than the three in the previous Cliffjumper post meant to represent G1 Cliffjumper, there have been Cliffjumper homages aplenty. Toy-wise, there have been: an Armada Minicon; an Energon “Baja buggy”; a Bumblebee repaint for the 2007 Movie; and an Animated character. I was under the impression that I owned the Movie one but, like the G1-repaint of Movie Starscream (mentioned in this post), I don’t actually know where he is (or at this point, if I actually do own him). I did once own the Energon toy for all of an hour, but returned it when I got a chance to play with it and discovered how much I disliked the mold. That leaves us with the Armada and Animated Cliffjumpers. Animated Cliffjumper is the Animated Bumblebee Activator class toy with a new head to match his cartoon appearance.

"No giant gun, so this time I am overcompensating with an absolutely huuuuuge chin."

Gigantic, heroic chins are a kind of theme in Animated and CJ wears his proudly. His alt mode is the same as Bumblebee’s sub-compact car. Being an Activators class toy, most of his transformation occurs automatically when you push the blue button on the top of his car mode.

Activators, putting the "compact" in sub-compact.

The last one (and smallest of all), is the Minicon Armada Cliffjumper. With her winch gimmick, she is one of my favourite of the Armada Minicons. Yep, you read right, “she”. Armada Cliffjumper is a female Transformer.

Along with having a different gender, she homages Cliffjumper in name alone. Even her personality is very different. Far more bookish than adventuresome, her name is rather ironic and something she gets teased over. Also, further belying her name, she transforms into a jeep rather than a compact car.

So that’s Cliffjumper, and Cliffjumper, and Cliffjumper. Classics Cliffjumper can now proudly show off his own unique headsculpt. I strongly recommend anyone with a Classics CJ that still has his original head pick up this set, it does not disappoint.

Now pardon me as I go try to locate my lost Movie Starscream and determine if I even own Movie Cliffjumper.


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