Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it… and pay for it with your life. (Cybertron) Timelines Skyfall!

Starting today, going through the weekend, and ending on Tuesday, we have five very unlikely companions who, when combined, form one of the thirteen original Transformers. He is, at least as far as the fiction is concerned, a Combiner that — once combined — can not be uncombined.

This month’s Combiner was a toy five years in the collecting. The reason for this was that each of the five components was the Transformers Collectors Club free membership toy from 2005 to 2009. Each was a repaint — done with a healthy dose of wonderful translucent plastic — of one of the pieces from the various Energon combiners. We’ll take these guys in chronological order.

First up, we have 2005’s Skyfall, an inhabitant of Velocitron, the Speed Planet, one of the long-forgotten Cybertronian colonies in the Cybertron story. Skyfall never felt a part of the speedway culture that had defined Velocitron for eons. First, he has the unique ability to generate a nearly impenetrable energon force-field when he is sufficiently in danger or stressed. Second, he feels an inexplicable tug towards belonging to something bigger than himself.

So he chooses the role of explorer, alone aboard his vessel, the Flash Frenzy; he set out to find a mysterious planet called “Cybertron”, that he felt may hold clues to his past. The irony of his departure is that had he just stayed still a little while longer, the Transformers from Cybertron would have arrived on Velocitron as part of the Cybertron storyline.

His feelings of displacement, however, are well-founded. That “something bigger than himself”, it turns out, is Nexus Prime, one of the original thirteen Transformers, and of which he is one component.

Regardless of the reasons for splitting one of the thirteen original Primes into five components (something I will get to in Tuesday’s post), recombining them is permanent. This means that Skyfall and his brothers must make the choice “TO DIE. TO BE REBORN [as Nexus Prime]. OR TO LIVE [individually] AND FADE AWAY.” Granted, by this time in the story Skyfall had actually already been killed by the crazed Transtech universe’s version of Alpha Trion.

One could reasonably assume this turn of events would make it easier for Skyfall to decide to recombine into Nexus Prime.

When the five were brought together in front of Primus, they reluctantly choose to forfeit their individual lives and reunite as the powerful Nexus Prime.

Though he was released by the Transformers Collectors Club and has only ever taken part in Timelines fiction, he is nominally a toy in the Cybertron line. Skyfall is a repaint of the mold used for Energon Sky Shadow and Terradive done in translucent blue and solid red plastics.

His combiner piece can also be transformed into a weapon that he can use in either robot or alt mode.

Also, his visor sports a pair of guns that he can use in both modes.

For as long as I can remember, the A-10 has been my favourite airplane, contributing to my love of Transformers like this one and Powerglide. Granted, a translucent blue and red A-10 may not make all that much sense, but damn if it isn’t a pretty, pretty toy.

Next up: As if a combiner that has one dead Autobot as a component isn’t complicated enough, we throw a Deceptic0n into the mix, Timelines Landquake!


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