The stoic Decepticon with a sense of significance, but no definition of purpose. (Cybertron) Timelines Landquake!

“Whatever it is, it is what we were created for. It is our duty, and if duty calls for our deaths, then they will be deaths worth dying.”


Landquake is complicated. Though he’s hardly the first Decepticon to display a sense of honor, or to openly admit that he is dissatisfied with the Decepticon dogma, he is “obsessed with the idea that his destiny held a greater purpose”. Unlike most of the villains that feel they are destined to play a greater role, a seemingly coincidental encounter with the Autobot Skyfall catapults Landquake headfirst into that very destiny. But these things are never really coincidental, are they? He is then presented a number of opportunities to let his Decepticon allegiance guide him but chose the path to this higher purpose each time. Of course, this leads he and his new brother-in-arms Skyfall into all kinds of trouble, ending them up on Earth, in the Classics universe, deep underground facing a pool of rarified energon and carvings that resemble themselves and one other robot.

Like the other components of Nexus Prime, he has a unique ability. As opposed to Skyfall’s involuntary forcefield, Landquake can actively engage his ability to refine and shape energon. Being a Decepticon, of course, he mostly uses this ability to make weapons; big, dangerous weapons.

Landquake is a repaint of the Energon tank mold used originally for Blight and Kickback. However, he reverses Skyfall’s deco by using translucent red with solid blue plastics.

Even without using his energon shaping ability, he's still very well armed.

His combiner piece doubles as an energon weapon that can be used in either robot or alt mode.

He goes from well-armed, to ridiculously-well-armed.

All that splendidly see-through red plastic is just grand, isn’t it? Granted, it’s all opaque in the fiction, but the whole effect on the toy is almost an unearthly glow about him, just like Skyfall. This also carries over to his tank alt mode. One of the great things about this mold is the turret swivel. It sits on a rotating plate that in turn sits on another, slightly offset, rotating plate that is used in his transformation, a clever little piece of toy engineering.

The back of his energon weapon flips up to form what looks like a radar dish of sorts.

We hear you like guns on your guns on your tanks.

Next up: So far we have one dead Autobot and one vaguely messianic Decepticon, what’s next? Well, an Autobot pacifist in the middle of a war, naturally. Timelines Breakaway!


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