Where does pacifism get you in the middle of a war? Strapped to a table in Shockwave’s operating room! (Classics) Timelines Breakaway!

When we last left our intrepid, dimension-hopping hero and anti-hero, Skyfall and Landquake, they had jumped from their original universe, the one featured in the Cybertron storyline, to the Classics universe. Finding themselves underground in front of a pool of rarified energon, the very building block of Transformer life; they are confronted by another Autobot that bears a striking resemblance to them both.

Boring personality but damned pretty toy.

For all of Landquake’s complexity of character, Breakaway is the opposite. He pretty much shows up, goes completely Ghandi on Skyfall and Landquake, and then decides it is story time. The storyteller in this case is Breakaway’s computer guardian, the Caretaker, and the story itself, fills in some of the questions regarding who these three are, and why they feel so connected to each other. Before we can get to any of the really good details though, the Caretaker ushers them into a portal. They find themselves in the Transtech universe and on their way to meet one more of their odd little family. Along the way, Breakaway will find himself strapped to an operating table being experimented on by that universe’s version of the demented scientist, Shockwave.

This is why you need to stay close to your group when touring other dimensions.

Luckily for him, Skyfall and Landquake join in a rescue mission and free him with the help of that universe’s Alpha Trion. Granted, Alpha Trion stabs and kills Skyfall moments later. Just goes to show, you can’t trust anyone in the Transtech universe.

For the majority of his fiction appearances, Breakaway remains a rather bland, vaguely preacher-ish character who is a little too naive and trusting. The one thing about him that is interesting, though, is his power. He is able to manipulate “raw Energon to heal even catastrophic wounds instantly.” A pacifist and somewhat supernatural healer? I think someone might have a Jesus complex. Heck, he even arrives shrouded in a halo of light.

Just like his brothers, Breakaway is able to use his combiner pieces as weapons, unlike his brothers, they are molded out of solid plastic and not meant to represent energon weapons.

Using the Energon Windrazor/Treadshot mold, he transforms into a heavily modified F-22 Raptor.

Looks like he should be strawberry flavoured. (Kids: don't lick your toys, despite appearances sometimes they are not fruit flavoured.)

Mounting his weapons on his alt mode’s wings just looks odd as they protrude way too far back.

With gun barrels on both sides and folding joints in the middle, it would have been so much better if the toy designer would have found a way to mount them with both barrels pointed forward.

Up next: Dead Autobot? Check. Vaguely messianic Decepticon? Check. Pacifist Autobot attempting to out “messianic” the Decepticon? Check. Now we just need a sycophantic psychopath with the power to pull sparks from their bodies with a touch. Timelines Topspin!


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