The super-powered Decepticon with a blackhole where his emotion circuits should be, Timelines Topspin!

“Something happened to Topspin a long time ago; something he only remembers as pain, and terror, and a landscape of twisted, shifting metal lit by the strobelight chaos of laser fire through rolling smoke. It is the last time Topspin remembers feeling anything.”

~From Topspin’s bio

I guess Topspin would more accurately be diagnosed as a sociopath rather than a psychopath. Due to this “something” that happened to him, he no longer feels empathy towards his fellow sentient beings, however, he does not appear to derive any pleasure from the pain he sometimes inflicts on others. This would be disturbing enough in a giant robot, but Topspin is a Decepticon and one that is very, very susceptible to influence by a charismatic, strong leader. When Skyfall, Landquake, and Breakaway find him in the Transtech universe, Topspin has fallen under the sway of Alpha Trion. This isn’t the friendly old robot from our universe, he is a twisted, evil version that stabs Skyfall through the back and kills him just after shoving the rest of the crew through a portal into the Shattered Glass universe. How Alpha Trion can be an “evil version” when he is one of the thirteen original Transformers and therefore a multiversal singularity, I don’t know.

Anyway, back to Topspin. Oh yeah, did I mention Topspin’s special ability is to manipulate other Transformer’s sparks? He can transplant, split, or even completely remove a Transformer’s spark. So, emotionally disconnected and über-powerful? Great. Luckily for our group of interdimensional sojourners, Alpha Trion plays his hand a little too early and counts a little too heavily on his charisma by informing Topspin that he was just using him for his own selfish pursuits. Luckily for Alpha Trion, Landquake and Breakaway manage to escape with Topspin in tow before Topspin can try out his spark-removing powers on Alpha Trion himself. The three of them run off with Skyfall’s dead body and head to the headquarters of the heroic Decepticons (confused yet? The Shattered Glass universe will do that to you.)

Topspin uses the least amount of translucent plastic, only having it on his head, forearms, and lower legs. He is a repaint of the Energon helicopter mold used for Stormcloud and Blackout. Following suit with the rest of the Energon-based combiner limbs, his combiner pieces also form a large gun that can be (barely) carried in robot mode.

"This is for when I fight someone that I can't just rip the spark effortlessly from their body."

His alt mode is an assault helicopter but to trying to make a real world analogy would be stretching it.

Of course, his energon weapon can be mounted to add some much needed firepower to his alt mode.

Next up: Two Autobots, two Decepticons? Which side will Heatwave fall on? Will he tip the scale towards ‘bot or ‘con? The answer might just surprise you.


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