The final piece, the center that holds, (Shattered Glass) Timelines Heatwave!

As our three travelers (and one dead body) make it to Decepticon H.Q. , they are introduced to Heatwave, one of the heroic Decepticons fighting against the evil Autobots here in the Shattered Glass universe.

So, even though they are made up of three Decepticons and two Autobots, the team dynamic is actually shifted to the side of good. Heatwave may be a Decepticon, but — as evidenced by the red Decepticon symbol above — he is a heroic Decepticon. His bio sums it up on in one of the greatest quotes :

“To him, life is open-source; all beings should be free to experience it however they choose.”

Heatwave also has the distinction of showing up directly — though unnamed — in fiction before his toy was released or even announced. As the free membership toy for 2009, his toy was preceded by the Shattered Glass comic from Botcon 2008. He shows up within the comic as a background character during the Decepticon’s big assault on the Autobots.

Shown just over Megatron’s right shoulder, Heatwave actually has slightly incorrect colouring. Presumably because the colour choices hadn’t been finalized on the toy when the convention exclusive comic was being created. Heatwave made another background appearance when the comic was re-released at retail with a different cover.

Now on the bottom right, but still slightly miscoloured.

Heatwave’s ability is that of technopathy, the ability to connect to computers and machinery through a form of technological telepathy. This may not sound like a special ability for a giant robot but he is actually able to “converse” with non-sentient machinery. His fellow Decepticons just think he’s quirky and really, really good with machines. We have actually gotten a good bit of Heatwave’s interactions prior to his appearance in the Collector’s Club comics thanks to the Club’s web-only membership fiction section. They also released a two-page comic in which Heatwave recovers Soundwave from a crash-landing in an amusement park on earth.  Believing himself to be under attack, Heatwave even decapitates “The World’s Largest Woodchuck”.

Heatwave eventually makes his way back to Cybertron, where he meets up with Landquake, Breakaway, and Topspin. When all four attempt to combine their special powers to revive a fallen Megatron, they find themselves transported to a bright white space. Waiting for them there is Skyfall, looking far less dead. That’s when the voice of Primus himself begins to speak, welcoming the five of them “home”.

Heatwave is a repaint/slight remold of Energon Barricade and forms the core of the combiner. All of his translucent plastic is concentrated in his torso.

The effect of the translucent plastic doesn’t really become clear until it is all unfolded for his missle carrier alt mode.

The slight remold part I mentioned above? It doesn’t come into play until the five are brought together as one. In the words of Primus, up next:

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