Botcon 2011: The Cosplay!

Due to the fact that there are 82 images total (and that’s out of the 170 that I actually took total), I’m going to split my Botcon photo recap into 4 posts total, with themed galleries. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to set WordPress to allow images to open in a separate window from a gallery, so you might want to right-click to look at the larger images.

One thing that Botcon proves? The girls still love them some Seekers. Another fun part of Botcon is all the people that dress up as Transformers characters in a multitude of interpretations. This year, the cosplay bar was raised, to an outstanding degree.


One thought on “Botcon 2011: The Cosplay!

  1. It took me ages to pack that huge air guitar đŸ˜€

    My costume turns inside out to be Starscream on the other side, and the white parts glow in the dark… it’s just a shame that sunset occurs much later in California than in England!

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