Fisitron, reporting for duty… as Animated Ironfist!

I figure since this blog is supposed to be about the pieces of plastic and my Botcon photos were relatively light on said plastic, I would make today a two-for-one spotlighting two of the plastic pieces picked up at said Botcon. Full circle, right?

Here we have Animated Fisitron:

And by "Fisitron" I mean Ironfist. Skirting copyright infringement is fun!

So, here’s the deal (and why this particular homage is so freaking cool): Ironfist first showed up back in G1, but not American G1. He appeared as part of the Lightformers sub-group (using the word “group” loosely, as there were only two of them) in Europe in 1993, two years after G1 had ended in America. He was then re-released in the G2 line the next year. He kind of sat there as a relative unknown all the way until 2010. Completely by coincidence, this was the year that both Fun Publications and IDW choose to rescue him from obscurity and use him in separate stories, creating two different versions of him, one in the IDW G1 universe and one in the FP Timelines universe.

Ironfist met his untimely demise in IDW’s “Last Stand of the Wreckers” series, a series I have already addressed my opinion on in an earlier post.

He then met a second untimely demise in part 6 of FP’s “The Coming Storm” storyline. Fun Publications has, albeit to a lesser degree, fallen back on the exact same death angle for shock value. Different writers, same weak writing.

Sorry, that’s enough of my whining about bad comic book writing.

Hey! You know what universe seems to have consistently awesome writing? Animated. Ironfist has been portrayed as a weapons specialist in all of his appearances and it is in that capacity that he plays a part in the Botcon 2011 “Stunti-Con-Job” story. Granted, he does get roughed up, but he lives, thanks to the timely appearance of field medic Minerva. When we meet him, Ironfist has been knocked around pretty seriously by thieves that have stolen a number of his experimental modified weaponry, including a duplicate of the axe Ironfist made for his old friend, Optimus Prime.

For his toy, the problem is, thanks to a certain Marvel Comics character, the name “Ironfist” is off limits. This is why our expert in weapons modifications was released as “Fisitron”.

"I wonder if I could modify this gun to fire guns." (Wheeljack would be so proud.)

“Fisitron”, an anagram of “Ironfist”, was the screenname used by Ironfist in the IDW comics for writing his fanboy entries about the legendary Autobot task force, the Wreckers — making this an homage within an homage.

The mold used for Ironfist was first used in the main Animated toyline for Cybertron Mode Ratchet. It was then released, with a remolded head for Animated Ironhide. His alt mode has been described as a “Cybertronian Minibus” but to me it looks more van than bus.

Once again with a remolded head, it has been used for both Botcon 2011’s free attendee toy, Ironfist, as well as the 3 -pack “Troop Builder” set of Autotroopers.

The one part of the Botcon exclusives I did not buy this year. The Animated Autotroopers just didn't do it for me.

Setting aside that I have the mold in Ironfist and the bland white and black paintjob, the Autotrooper harkens back to the Autorooper characters used in the unsavory, obscenely inappropriate Kissplay series. [Clicking on that link is not suggested. I am not being prudish when I call a majority of anything related to Kissplay obscene.]

Anywho, I absolutely love Ironfist. I have not been this happy with the free attendee exclusive yet and those colours make for a wonderful display piece.


3 thoughts on “Fisitron, reporting for duty… as Animated Ironfist!

  1. I absolutely love this figure. The only one I bought from the Botcon 2011 set. I’m glad they did him in something closer to the original’s toy colors (with this new orange taking on a kind of worker’s uniform/ jumpsuit-vibe), I’m especially glad they managed to capture his Roche-style wide-eyedness, as that the characterization of him was what charmed me & many others of course, and the animated-style suits his appearance & nature in LSotW.

    While I do share some of your criticisms of LSoTW regarding Nick Roche’s often indulgent bot-bloodletting, I did think Topspin, Twintwist and Pyro’s “sacrifices” to be effective & actually affecting despite their gruesomeness, Topspin & Twintwist in particular. I actually got choked up at the latter. That said, as Ironfist (or Overlord) was the best rendered, Ironfist’s death should’ve been the most poignant and instead felt rushed and somewhat tacked-on. Yes, Roche & Roberts really went of the rails with the gore and let their… I guess, “horror-movie” inclinations, get in the way of something that had greater potential that one got only glimpses of. If their intent was truly to tell a horrors-of-war story, it was certainly undercut by their “enjoyment” of said horror.

    Someone on one of the TF-site message-boards made a good point in saying that one of the things that’s great about Transformers is that every character is someone’s favorite, in part owed to each character getting at least a sketch of a personality, specs and a bio. I would throw a fit if any TF-writer treated, say, Powerglide, in the cavalier / only- for-effect way Roche treated Outback, and by and large, this is why I got put off of Furman’s Marvel stuff. Some of his IDW output though: thumbs up, “Infiltration” & Escalation” for example.

    That said, I did absolutely love Animated and its tone. and was sorry to see its development also get truncated at the end of season 3 there. Sorry for the rambling here! Procrastinating from work. Again, excellent blog. Glad to have found it.

    • Congrats! He is definitely one of the highlights of this year’s exclusives. I didn’t notice the orange giving him that “worker’s uniform/ jumpsuit-vibe”, but now that you point it out, I totally see it. Good catch.

      I agree with your summation of The Last Stand… completely. My entire bone of contention is, ironically, summed up best by the line in the series itself, “good people dying in stupid, pointless ways.” Pyro didn’t die in a stupid, pointless way, he went out guns blazing and fighting to allow his squadmates the opening they needed to bring down the big, bad Overlord. It got so lost in all the stupid death along the way.

      I also agree completely about the “someone’s favourite” part. Part of why Twin Twist/Topspin made me angry is because I have — yes, I know I am in the extreme minority here — always liked the Jumpstarters. The extreme example of this is in Fun Pub’s comics, when they give you a new toy in the exclusive set and then kill him off by the end of the convention comic. They never even give you a chance to like the character and, by extension, the toy.

      Setting the toys aside and just looking at the fiction as a whole, there is categorically no way this war could have been going on this long if killing a Transformer is anywhere as easy as these comic writers make it out to be.

      Thanks again for the comment and never apologize for rambling, my entire blog is pretty much my ramblings and I love to hear other’s opinions on this stuff.

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