Me am Bizarro Optimus Prime, me am not Animated Toxitron!

At Botcon in 2005 a panel was held displaying some of the “TF Rarities”. This included the proposed, but never released Universe Toxitron.

Glorious pea-soup and purple.

A repaint of the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime done in amazingly garish (and awesome) colours, sadly Toxitron would never see the light of day due to the fact that the Universe line was swiftly running out of steam. He was then used in Botcon 2007’s “Things you’ve never seen before (and will never get)” display.

The morning of my flight out to Pasadena for Botcon this year, I checked my phone to see an announcement by the Botcon folks over Twitter in which they named one of the souvenir sets as “Toxi./SS”. I immediately thought “Toxitron?!?!” This naturally lead me to suspect a repaint of the recently released Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime. Being a new mold based on the G2 Laser Optimus Prime, it seemed like the most obvious answer.

What I forgot to take into account was this year’s theme of Animated.

I was in the Botcon registration line later that same day when my phone went off again. It was Botcon twittering images of the exclusives.

Animated Toxitron in all his glorious pea-soup and clashing purple! The best part is that his bio then sets him up to be a failed clone of Optimus Prime. He is powerful, leaks toxic fluids, and dumber than a nail. He wields illegally modified copies of Optimus’ weapons, the ion axe and toxic sludge spewing cannon.

Acting the opposite of the heroic Optimus, this failed clone is pretty much the Animated universe’s answer to Bizarro, the anti-Superman. Toxitron even tends to drive backwards while in vehicle mode. True to his toxic nature, his paintjob features splotches of oozing, dripping toxic fluids.

Just like with Optimus, you can remove his axe and cannon pieces to form a standard semi-truck tractor.

All-in-all the souvenir exclusives this year went from awesome to even awesome-er, with this guy standing right near the top of the pile. There was only one that trumped him, by having an even more garish paintjob.

But that’s a post for another day.


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