He would like you to know that he is not a pervert. Windcharger!

There are some deep, dark crevices in Transformer history that are better left unexplored. Windcharger, it turns out, inhabits at least one of them. His original G1 toy looks harmless enough:

As evidenced by the loop molded in above his head and the lack of silver on his mouthplate, mine is the 2003 Fun4All keychain release of Windcharger.

The head on his toy isn’t much to look at, and his card art doesn’t do much to help the matter.

Though now that I look at his card art, does he have a pencil-thin Zorro mustache?!? Had that bit of shadowing actually been on his toy, he would have been a lot more memorable. Olé!

I’m assuming that’s why, in his cartoon appearances, he was given a face.


"Why?!? Why is that the only cartoon picture of me anyone shows? I was undercover! I was *not* flashing anyone. "

Other than his questionable choice of activity while off-duty, Windcharger was a mostly unremarkable part of the cartoon and comic book. It was, however, his cartoon depiction that led to him having an actual face when he was recently given an upgrade in the Reveal the Shield line. Windcharger proved to be the most difficult of the end-of-the-line RtS toys to get ahold of.  He was well worth it, though, he’s a great toy and a wonderful update.

Character-wise, I don’t remember much of him from his background appearances throughout the cartoon or comic book, the first piece of Windcharger art I can remember actually making an impression on me was an unofficial piece done by the super-talented Matt Kuphaldt. Titled “Return to Sender”, it shows Windcharger using his trademark weapon, as described in his bio:

In robot mode, Windcharger’s arms act as the positive and negative poles of a magnet. He can cast powerful magnetic fields at distances up to 700 feet. He can levitate a 10-ton block of steel at that distance. He can attract objects that are affected by magnetism toward him or repel them. At closer distances he can rip them apart.

(Pay close attention to that last part, it will come back up.) In Kuphaldt’s piece, Windcharger is using his magnetic ability to return two missiles, presumably in the direction of the Decepticon that launched them at him.

Just a brilliant piece of artwork, you should definitely take a look at the rest of his stuff. RtS Wincharger takes the magnets and turns them into flip-out weapons that replace his hands.

"I'm gonna magnetize your right in the face."

Both also include rungs for use with C-Joint weapons, as you can see in the image below, the rungs can be used with his weapons out, or when they are folded in and replaced by his hands. Overall, a very, very worthy update of our impulsive little magnet-handed Minibot.

"Don't worry, little buddy, maybe Movie Optimus can help us find a face for you too."

Thanks to him being a Minibot, G1 Windcharger transforms into a somewhat cartoonish looking Pontiac Trans Am. RtS Windcharger now transforms into a made-up muscle car that combines elements of about four or five current actual models.

Despite the somewhat caricature-like look of his alt mode, I don’t think that anyone’s going to be making fun of G1 Windcharger any time soon. In 1986 a book was published titled Deadly Paradise.  A mystery involving Decepticons cloning Autobots and framing them for acts of destruction. Everything is going along fine until the Autobots get a chance to mount an escape, knocking out Decepticons, when on page 27, Windcharger murders Starscream.

No, not “damages”, not “incapacitates”, he outright kills him:

“Windcharger flew to the rescue, grabbing Starscream in his huge arms and squeezing him with such magnetic might that the Decepticon screamed for the very last time.”

Yeah, careful with those little, quiet types. ‘M just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “He would like you to know that he is not a pervert. Windcharger!

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