The 90’s parade of resplendently inconsonant colouration continues! Timelines Skyquake!

It happens sometimes that a toy is released within one line but fits better in a newer line. Timelines Skyquake is one such toy, basically a toy ahead of its time.  Released as a souvenir add-on as part of Botcon 2009’s “Wings of Honor” set, I never really had an interest in Timelines Skyquake. I am not a fan of that particular set altogether; which was quite convenient, as I did not attend Botcon 2009. The way I ended up owning him was: earlier this year, when I obtained Timelines Deathsaurus from the Botcon 2005 “Descent into Evil” set, I had decided I wanted, no… make that needed his “faithful” lieutenant, Timelines Leozack. Leozack had received an update as the free attendee exclusive for Botcon 2009. When I started looking around for one to buy, I actually found someone selling both Leozack and Skyquake for the price I was willing to pay for just Leozack.

Once I actually got Skyquake in hand, I am so glad I did.

See, Timelines Skyquake is an update of the original G1 Skyquake, a 1992 European market exclusive. If that sounds familiar (possibly from yesterday’s post?), then you can already guess where this is going. Put those protective goggles back on, it’s another attack of the 90’s!

That’s just the box art, though the toy is a mess of colour itself.

G1 Skyquake suffers rather famously from the dreaded Gold Plastic Syndrome, and just short of spending money on a toy guaranteed to crumble to dust in my hands, the original mold will have to live on in the form of the repainted Universe King Atlas on my shelves.

That’s why, in hindsight, I am happy I ended up with his Timelines incarnation. With Leozack displayed next to his boss, Deathsaurus, Skyquake doesn’t have to be orphaned as the only other Botcon 2009 toy in my collection. He can just jump ahead a year and hang out with the 2010 G2: Redux toys. He certainly holds his own in the 90’s deco department.

He is a repaint of the Energon Starscream toy and comes with the sword and gun combo. As his original character didn’t come with a sword, I keep that part packed away and let him carry his very large gun. His wings flip up to be able to use his missile launchers in robot mode.

The only annoying thing about this mold is the damage detail that is very purposefully built into it. In the plot of Energon, Starscream was actually a ghost and the damage he displays plays a part in that. Every reuse of the mold since has had to deal with the damage. You can see it on his left wing and the left side of his tail in alt mode, which become his right shoulder intake in robot mode.

Other than the annoying “battle damage”, which has actually added to the bright paint scheme in this case, this guy will proudly take his place amongst the G2: Redux folks. It’s not too far of a stretch anyway, considering that G2: Redux actually occurs within the same universe as the Wings of Honor story.


2 thoughts on “The 90’s parade of resplendently inconsonant colouration continues! Timelines Skyquake!

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