You can’t fight destiny, SG Megatron becomes SG Galvatron!

So maybe “a tale as old as time…” is a slight exaggeration. Unfortunately “a tale as old as August 8, 1986” isn’t nearly as charming or poetic. That’s the date The Transformers: The Movie came out in movie theaters. Of course, when it came out in 1986, the movie was actually set in “the future” of 2005. I guess technically that makes this tale only 5 years old, right?

All chronological tangents aside, 1986 was when we saw two momentous occasions in Transformers history that would from then on become recurring themes.

First, the death of Optimus Prime.

Second, the near-death reformatting of Megatron into Galvatron.

As we all are thankfully aware, Optimus got better, but went on to die at least once in many, many Transformers universes since then.

However, Megatron never “got better”. In that particular timeline he would remain in his new, more powerful, less mentally stable body. Subsequent Megatrons would choose a less death-induced version of this reformatting. In R.i.D., Armada, Energon, and Cybertron Megatron’s reformatting into Galvatron is actually an upgrade provided by consuming some sort of power source, not a bargain with the devil to keep himself from going offline like in The Transformers: The Movie.

This brings us to the reverse universe of Shattered Glass, and the heroic Megatron.

SG Megatron was one of the souvenir add-on toys, packaged with SG Rodimus and SG Divebomb, and sold at Botcon 2008. He is a remold of the Energon Megatron mold, replacing the head with a new headsculpt based off of G1 Megatron’s original concept art.

He comes with the original mold’s accessories, a small tank based of the design of Armada Megatron’s alt mode. The tank, called “Rumbler”, is an homage to Optimus Prime’s non-sentient drone Roller. Rumbler can be attached to Megatron’s arm, another homage, this time to G1 Megatron’s arm-mounted fusion cannon.

Pretty well armed for a peace-loving Math lecturer.

Just like other uses of this mold, he also comes with an energon blade that can be inserted in the back of Rumbler to serve as a blade weapon for Megatron.

Rumbler can then catch a ride on the back of Megatron in his space cruiser alt mode.

By extending his wings, he is able to activate his “Hyper Mode” (basically an attack mode.)

I am quite happy with this toy… and therefore was seriously ticked off when the Transformers Collectors Club comic writers decided it was time to kill him off.

Turns out there is a traitor amongst the Decepticons and with one shot to the face Megatron is killed, dealing a terrible blow to the Decepticon forces. Of course, as history tells us, you can’t keep a good Megatron down, so Shattered Glass Megatron (the very definition of a “Good Megatron”) goes old school with his reformatting.

Unfortunately for the evil Optimus Prime’s assassination attempt, four of the five members of Nexus Prime are on hand to witness the betrayal. Their attempt to use their energon manipulation powers to resurrect Megatron results both in their reunification back into Nexus Prime as well as the bringing Megatron back to life as the mighty Galvatron.

Botcon 2011 saw the Transformers Collectors Club make up for killing their previous exclusive by offering SG Galvatron as a souvenir add-on toy, packaged with his fellow Shattered Glass Decepticon, Thundercracker.

A repaint of Cybertron Evac, this mold was destined to become Shattered Glass Galvatron from the moment a Fun Publications employee custom painted his own from a War Within Springer (itself a straight repaint of the original Evac toy.) Finding himself on earth after being brought back to life, Galvatron proves that looks can be deceiving, showing his new body to be even more powerful than his previous form.

Retractable string gimmick!!!! I love retractable string gimmicks.

A lot of the images online I have seen of this guy shows him not fully transformed. For some reason, people don’t like to rotate the sides of his alt mode’s tail down, which hinders arm movement. Being based on a Cybertron toy, he has missile launchers that flip forward when his cyberkey is inserted in either robot or alt mode.

Along with the deployable missile launchers, he also retains the toys other two gimmicks, button-activated spinning blades, and the aforementioned retractable string gimmick in his rescue hook. (Have I mentioned I love retractable string gimmicks?)

He also has the ability to combine with Rumbler to give Galvatron his arm cannon. Here’s where I would normally post a picture of that. Of course, I would have first had to take a picture of that.


So, yeah, this week may still see another (very small) post with a picture of Galvatron sporting Rumbler on his arm.


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