The day a Transformer tried to kill me in real life, DotM Sentinel Prime!

Just to let you know, this post about Sentinel Prime is going to be chock-full of nuts spoilers. Seeing as Sentinel’s role in Dark of the Moon is rather pivotal, these aren’t your normal sized spoilers, at least one of these is a big, giant, honkin’ huge, spoiler. Not knowing this one thing is pretty much paramount to your complete enjoyment of this movie. If you haven’t already, go watch the movie and then come back to this post. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…

You have been warned.

Ok, now you have been warned.

Heh. Call me simple, but that makes me chuckle.

Sentinel Prime, voiced by Leonard Nimoy, is amazingly rendered in the new movie and his toy, Leader-class sized to do it justice, is a remarkably intricate and faithful reproduction of the ancient Autobot.

It was one of the toys I most eagerly anticipated ever since I saw him in person, during the filming of Dark of the Moon here in Chicago. However, right from that first encounter, I should have known something wasn’t quite right.

See, Sentinel Prime tried to kill me in real life.

As I have a strict no spoilers policy for myself, I managed to stay far away from anything that was TF3 news related. Therefore,  I was completely unaware of his existence until  I came across this big guy while wandering around the filming last August. (Ok, maybe wandering around the filming at all might be a questionable tactic for someone with a strict no spoilers policy, but how could I resist?) Moments after I took the picture above I asked one of the Production Assistants if I could get across the street you see there. He escorted me across and I walked about five feet from the front of this huge, unnamed Autobot! I was staring straight up into the windshield, marveling at the insane size of the thing when it suddenly lurched forward. Five feet from the front of this colossal fire truck of doom became one foot in a heartbeat; relatively speaking of course, because I’m pretty sure for that moment, my heart stopped beating altogether.

My first thought was to drop to the ground, with its clearance, it would most likely have passed directly over me. The Production Assistant, who — standing in line with the huge wheels — was in more danger than I was, tried to raise his walkie-talkie to his face but instead succeeded in launching it at Sentinel. The walkie-talkie bounced harmlessly off the front bumper, but the fire truck stopped moving. Now some might say it was because the driver actually looked down and saw us. I like to think it was that Sentinel thought twice about revealing his evil intentions too early. The Assistant and I shared a look of, “Well that would have been a hell of a lawsuit” and continued on our way.

Luckily for me, the remainder of my encounters with Sentinel during the filming were from a nice, safe distance.

"You better be glad this giant girder is holding me back."

So I continued on in my blissful ignorance, really wanting that Leader-class behemoth of a toy. Such a faithful representation, not only in robot mode, but also in alt mode.

He transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther Crash Engine, basically an airport fire truck, with an articulated water cannon and button-activated flashing lights and siren.

Oddly, his lights are blue plastic but flash orange.

Seems like a nice, friendly, helpful guy, right? Wrong. This guy is a jerk. After he tried to kill me, combined with the fact that the most recent other Autobot to carry his name, Animated Sentinel Prime, was a complete jerk as well, you’d think I would have pieced this together already.

Thought to be lost when his ship, the Ark, is attacked carrying an imporant Autobot weapon called the space bridge, Sentinel Prime becomes consigned to history as a lauded, fallen hero. Little did the Autobots know how fallen a hero he actually was. The attack was merely a cover, allowing the Ark to use the space bridge technology to teleport away. Meaning to rendezvous with Megatron on the planet where the Allspark had crash landed, fate had other plans. Jumping through space and time, thanks to the space bridge, his vessel finally crash-lands near his intended destination, on Earth’s moon, but in 1963 Earth time. There Sentinel Prime would remain, hidden away, in stasis lock.

Once all of this comes to light, Sentinel claims that his declaring a truce with Megatron in the interest of rebuilding Cybertron was actually a noble endeavor. However, his intentions towards the populace of Earth are anything but. He would have us enslaved to form the workforce necessary to rebuild his home planet. To achieve this, he would use the space bridge to bring the entirety of Cybertron to the vicinity of Earth.

Using his double-sided “Primax blade” and his shield, he proves himself to be a very, very capable fighter.

I would have much preferred that he came with an actual gun as well, but his Mechtech shield changes into “blaster mode” when a panel is pushed in.

I’m unhappy with my shots of Sentinel equipped with his blaster mode shield as well as the weaponized transformation for his alt mode, so keep an eye out for another post showing those.

Once he had spoken of freedom as a right of all sentient beings. Now he was little more than an opportunistic would-be conqueror. I was not sad when he was killed in the movie. This is why you never make pacts with Decepticons, you jerk.

Though I may still love his toy, it will not be standing on display with his former Autobot brethren. It will be consigned to the DotM Decepticon shelf instead.


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