What’s a giant robot without guns? DotM Sentinel Prime… Weaponized!

No spoiler alert necessary, no plot points from Dark of the Moon this time.

The Dark of the Moon toys are all about the MechTech Weapons System. Mechtech weapons are “firepower that converts into a second weapon and can be used by any robot or vehicle”. In most of the other figure’s case, this means a positively huge gun that transforms. In Sentinel Prime’s case it means that his shield folds open into a bladed weapon topped with a blaster. I was trying to work with Sentinel Prime, just using his blaster mode shield, but it all came off small and funny looking. Then I remembered the “can be used by any robot” part and grabbed the Mechtech weapons from DotM Crankcase and Laserbeak and loaded Sentinel up.

Much better. Laserbeak may not get his weapons back.

With a weapon in his right shoulder mount, a button is pushed that causes his voice electronics to alternate between, “What has happened to the Allspark?” and “Good to see you alive, Optimus”, instead of the “I am Sentinel Prime” he normally says. Clearly none of the phrases he said were recorded by Leonard Nimoy, as they sound absolutely nothing like Sentinel Prime from the movie.

His shield also combines oddly with his bladed weapon and attaches to the top to weaponize his alt mode. Panels fold down in the back to reveal two more weapons.

His instructions show the second to the last panels folding down as well but I chose not to for two reasons:

1. Just folding down the back part make it feel more stable.

2. It doesn’t matter, this is the last time his alt mode will be weaponized like this. I think it looks kinda stupid.

You want a weaponized alt mode? Here ya go:

Yeah, Laserbeak is going to have to throwdown to get his guns back.

One last little item of interest: earlier in the week a group called Mondo Tees put out a Limited Edition movie poster featuring Sentinel Prime and done by the artist Jesse Phillips (well, they claim it’s “Phillips”, but the only poster artist Jesse I could find was actually “Philips” with one “L”.)

The limited edition version went up and was sold out within 4 minutes.

They also made a much larger run version minus the nice red and gold and gave them out to people attending the movie at a theater in Hollywood.

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