“We are all just food for rust”, the robot fatalists, Dead End!

This week we have two times the amount of Stunticons, but still only one combiner! The five G1 Stunticons combine to form the devastatingly powerful, but violently unstable Menasor. The five Animated Stunticons combine to form… well, a traveling stunt circus act. Using the Crash Test Dummy symbol, the Animated Team Stunticon even has their own take on the Decepticon emblem.

First up, Dead End!

In G1 Dead End was portrayed as a rather interesting dichotomic personality. He is a rather stoic fatalist while remaining vaingloriously proud of his appearance.

“Sullen, fatalistic, sees little reason to continue Transformers’ war. Motivating him to fight is always a problem. Vain — Spends most of his time shining himself.”

This amusingly complex personality became perfect fodder when the Stunticons made their Animated appearance thanks to the 2011 Botcon’s “Stunti-Con-Job” boxset. In Animated, this “sullen, fatalistic” attitude reveals itself as a “Theatrically morose” beat poet who “composes poetry so bleak as to be farcical.” This all culminated in David Kaye’s hysterical portrayal of Dead End as nothing short of the Transformers equivalent of Eeyore. It was easily the highlight of 2011 Botcon’s “Stunti-Con-Job” Script Reading.

Animated Dead End’s paintjob is a wonderful homage to his G1 incarnation, though it’s really only apparent in alt mode.

This is because, in robot mode, G1 Dead End’s distinctive stripe is on his back. Thanks to his mold, Animated Dead End’s stripe appears on his chest and left leg.

Animated Dead End is a straight repaint of the Animated Jazz mold. This hearkens back — intentionally or not — to the G1 episode “Masquerade” in which Jazz is disguised… as Dead End. Circular homages are the best! Further reinforcing his beat poet personality, he sports a mustache and goatee.

The only real issue is in weaponry. G1 Dead End comes with a gun. Now Animated Jazz is a Cyber-ninja (I will never tire of typing “Cyber-ninja”), Animated Dead End is very much not. Though his mold retains the exhaust pipe nunchaku accessory, Dead End attempting to use them would probably resemble one of the many Youtube videos showing dudes knocking themselves unconscious while swinging around a pair. Now, his bio mentions something about “mini-bazookas” but I’m not entirely sure what that actually refers to, perhaps to the exhaust pipes attached to his arms? Anyway, in my opinion, the Stunticons need guns, big guns. A good portion of the “Stunti-Con-Job” storyline revolves around the Stunticons stealing extra weaponry and, luckily for the sake of taking pictures, my home is replete with extra weaponry.

Ok, maybe this is overkill, but I have a feeling these new Mechtech weapons are going to be showing up in a lot of shots moving forward.

When it comes to guns, G1 Dead End has the advantage in alt mode. All of the G1 Stunticon limbs include a massive double-barreled weapon that attaches to the back of their alt mode.

I don’t quite understand it, but it’s probably the reason that I have always associated the Stunticons with heavy weaponry.


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