From egotist to psychopath, Drag Strip!

Possibly the biggest surprise of the “Stunti-Con-Job” boxset was Drag Strip.

Definitely not because of an unexpected alt mode choice; the Cybertronic “Rocket Car” is the Animated toyline’s closest approximation to G1 Drag Strip’s sleek six-wheeled Tyrell P34 racing car alt mode.

Granted, attaching a giant cannon to the top of your racing car really doesn’t do much for your aerodynamics.

No, the surprise was a gender swap. This wouldn’t be an issue amongst adults, but a good deal of Transfandom, though chronologically adults, are emotionally about five years old. That’s why, shortly after they announced her, the internet rang with,

“*Drag* Strip. Get it? Huh? Huh? Get it? He’s in draaaaag. *giggle*”

"One more drag queen joke and I start with the stabbing."

Just like Dead End, Drag Strip is a straight repaint, this time of the wonderful Animated Arcee mold. Also just like Dead End, the TFCC folk used paint applications on the face to add character and distinguish Drag Strip from Arcee.

Overall there isn’t much to say about G1 Drag Strip. He’s your textbook “warrior appreciated for his skills in battle” but such a blowhard that,

“Even Decepticon Leader Megatron finds him insufferable and would sooner smelt him than talk to him.”

All things considered, Animated Drag Strip is a serious upgrade in personality. Gone is the obnoxious free-wheeling braggart, in his place is a… social malcontent with a “high lust for violence”. Ok, so more like a lateral move than an upgrade. Once again, Stunticons need guns, so Animated Drag Strip had to borrow some.

And you thought Dead End's borrowed weaponry was overkill.

Though Animated Dead End’s accessory, the nunchaku, are woefully out of place on him, Drag Strip’s “laser swords” not only seem to fit well with her distressingly violent personality, they also complete a sort of secondary homage. Just before her official toy reveal, the Botcon Twitter feed linked to a trailer of the movie Kill Bill. Drag Strip’s paintjob is a nod to “The Bride”, Uma Thurman’s role as the main character of Kill Bill.

"Five-Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique kills too fast, I prefer slicing off parts until the energon stops flowing."



3 thoughts on “From egotist to psychopath, Drag Strip!

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