Once a lunatic, now the Michael Bay of the Animated Transformers Universe, Wildrider!

Let me just start this post with a general warning: be very, very, veeeeeery careful when doing an image search using the keyword “Wildrider”. Kinda like how you have to be very careful doing a search using “Nexus Maximus“.

Both Animated Dead End and Drag Strip were straight repaints, using well placed paint applications to identify them as new characters. The rest of the Animated Stunticons, got all new headsculpts.

Animated Wildrider, using the Blazing Lockdown mold, replaces Lockdown’s skull like head with a saw-toothed, crazed-looking Frankenstein’s monster vaguely reminiscent of the Masters of the Universe character Trapjaw.

The spikes that are on this mold’s neck actually help to further the homage. Though missing on the G1 toy, the character model for the original Wildrider had two spiked protrusions on the sides of his head.

G1 Wildrider is one of many examples of character models being very different than the toy itself. Aside from the missing protrusions, Wildrider’s toy doesn’t actually have a face, but instead an ill-defined, corrugated faceplate type… thing.

Even his boxart ignores his toy’s actual features, chosing instead to give him a nose and mouth.

Also: angry eyebrows. Grrrrr.

The ironic thing is that, though Animated Wildrider’s head is the more lunatic looking of the two toys, it is actually the G1 character that is the crazier. Animated Wildrider is a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, looking like a crazed serial killer while he is actually the team’s talented, intelligent pyrotechnics director, “always brainstorming bigger, badder, louder, and more dangerous looking stunts, and he’s got the processing power to coordinate them flawlessly.”

On the other hand, for G1 Wildrider, ” those who know him better realize it’s not an act – he really is that nuts!”

“As his fellow Stunticon Breakdown puts it, “When he’s driving, I’d rather take a plane.”

While both Animated Dead End and Drag Strip look most like their G1 counterparts when in alt mode, the same can not be said of Animated Wildrider. Just like G1 Dead End has his single offset strip, G1 Wildrider has a very distinct feature in alt mode: a carbon fiber patterned hood, something Animated Wildrider doesn’t attempt to duplicate.

Although, he is the only Animated Stunticon to provide a weaponized vehicle mode like his G1 limb counterpart.

Guns can be activated on Animated Wildrider in vehicle mode as well, I just like the idea of a chainsaw wielding muscle car.

Truthfully, Animated Wildrider only has a passing resemblance to G1 Wildrider in both alt and robot modes.

What is a rather bright red colour on G1 has been turned into a — admittedly pretty — dark magenta on his Animated incarnation. At least this Animated Stunticon comes with his own gun so he doesn’t have to steal someone else’s.

Thanks to his portrayal in his toy’s bio, in the comic book, and in the Botcon script reading, I am willing to forgive Wildrider for his severe deviation from G1 Wildrider.

I think I've met this director a couple times.

Toy-wise, he only gets a pass because he has his fellow Stunticons to tie the whole thing together.


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